Singled Out: "You Can See It In Cats Like Mike Vick, The Ups & Downs & We Always Prevail"

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 9:20PM

Written by J. Bachelor for No Malice

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After West Coast rapper Glasses Malone unwrapped his new "That Good" single, No Malice (formerly Malice of VA duo The Cipse) breaks down his track, "June."]

Yo lemme tell you about "June."

"June" is a true to life story that actually happened to me. Everything you hear: Every verse, every lyric within that is definitely what happened to me. It's just like all The Clipse music, it's always real and this is just another facet of The Clipse.

As far as the creative process for this song, I was actually in the studio and I was working on some music and one of the engineers gave me this track. I listened to the Frank Sinatra sample on it and really summed up what I had been through. It summed up life, too.

When you're on your high horse and everything is great and you got all the friends in the world, things can take a turn. Try and find those same friends and can't nobody loan you a dollar. That's when you see the bad. Virginia's for hustlers and we always get it back. You can see it in cats like Mike Vick, you know ... the ups and downs and we always prevail. That track really spoke to me, and I always approach the music in a way I can relate to and share it with others in a way they can relate to it as well.

If you a fan of The Clipse and you know No Malice, you know I always brought that Biblical reference, but now, it's like I'm going all the way in. Instead of just mentioning it, now it's my lifestyle, bro. And there's alotta stuff going on in the world and in hip hop, so I just wanna bring that alternative. Everything ain't one sided and you ain't gotta be a certain way.

I've seen a few comments here and there, like, "Give him a minute and he'll be back" or "This ain't gonna last" but lemme tell you something: I didn't choose to do this, this is God tellin' me what I have to do and he ain't let go of me yet, and I know that he's not. So I'm still very passionate about this and still very serious about this and I'm just tryna open up some eyes, especially for the youth.

Check out the "June" music video below:

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