Singled Out: "They Lookin' For Me To Bring It Home Like Jordan..."

Tuesday, Jul 3, 2012 6:00PM

Written by SOHH For Fred Da Godson

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Richie Branson deciphered his new "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis" anthem, BX rapper and newly signed eOne MC Fred Da Godson breaks down how his new deal came about and the crafting of his new single.]

First off, had alotta offers on the table so we was sorta goin' through the motions and seeing which company we was gonna pick. eOne is so hands on, they probably got one of the best radio teams in the world, we got a big reocrd out right now called "Monique's Room."

I felt like it eOne gets a bad rap at times only because if you really look at it, it's an artist being smart. It could be an artist whose contract is up with their label, and when it's time to sign another venture they go with eOne. And I don't blame them because if they been hot for the last four or five albums, they can be like, "I was on a major and I done generated so much of a fanbase, maybe I can go with eOne and do it independent because the public know me already. I can make more money."

That's just a smart way of doin' it.

They want me to do me at eOne, we made it perfectly clear there will be no restrictions and do what I do and just be ferocious on that mic and try to lyrically kill everything. They love that about me and that's what they want me to continue doing. They lookin' for me to bring it home like Jordan in the last seconds.

It's gonna be the same Fred because I'm a fan first. I think people try to change their style once they signed and they lose their core audience, and then the fans they were trying to get, they end up not gettin'. You try to grab new fans and they not even interested in being your fan, and then you try to go back and get the old ones and they don't want you no more because they feel like you dissed 'em.

As a part of the 2011 XXL Freshman class (hip-hop's most sought after list of emerging stars), Fred the Godson has made his mark as one of New York City's notable figures in rap. Hailing from the South Bronx, the lyrical wordsmith has culminated years of rap battles and free styles into a dedicated fan base that also draws attention from a lot of New York's elite DJs including DJ Enuff, DJ Suss One, DJ Self and DJ Envy. Fred is now signed to eOne.

Check Out Monique's Room below:

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