Underrated: "That Dude Is Not Only One Of The Realest People I've Ever Met But He's Incredible"

Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Damion "Damizza" Young

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Ras Kass gave Chino XL and Royce Da 5'9 both the crown last week, producer Damion "Damizza" Young crowns Ca$his SOHH Underrated.]


The most underrated would have to be Ca$his. That dude Ca$his is not only one of the realest people I've ever met but he's incredible.

The stuff he says and the stuff he does, his personality is so infectious I just wish there was more focus on him. He's an incredible, incredible talent.

It's a funny story, I actually produced a record with Ca$his. We did the Young De project with DJ Skee and B-Real. And that's when I got to know Ca$his' lyrics and music. There was something about him, that I never knew he was doing until he did the mixtape with Young De which was mostly done in my house, that stood out.

I'm the producer and I produced most of it so I'm sitting there and I'm like, "Wait a minute." I hit this guy and I'm like, "Yo, he's dope!" I think a year and a half later he came up to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles and he said, "Yo man, I want to do a song." I said, "Well sh*t, come on." He said, "Hold up, I'll be right there." I'm like, "What?" and he says, "I'll be up there in just a minute, we'll just do it."

He came up with some friends and we're all in there and he says, "Do you remember the first time you met me?" And I said, "Yeah, with Young De at the studio." He said, "No. I came to your office one morning with him and Kurupt and you looked up and said, 'Who are you?' And then I said my name is Ca$his. And then you said, 'What do you do?' I said I'm a rapper and then you said, 'Well do you have a demo on you?' And I said 'No.' And you said 'Don't ever come up to a radio station and not bring your demo.'"

He said that inspired him. And I was just blown away by one of the best compliments in my life.

Damion Young, better known by his stage name, Damizza, is a record producer, artist & author known for producing artists such as Ice Cube, Shade Sheist, Snoop Dogg, Korn, Nate Dogg, Ca$his, and Mariah Carey, including Carey's single "Crybaby." Throughout the 1990's, he worked at various California-based radio stations including KHTY and KPWR.

Check out Ca$his' music below:

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