5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Swagg University Clothing: "It's Not [Your] Typical Street Wear [brand]. It's Not Geared Towards People Who Want To Be Hard Core."

Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012 12:15AM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for Hass

[Swagg University Clothing isn't your typical clothing brand. First hitting the streets in 2009, Swagg U has emerged as a fashion line with the intent to give back to sick kids and communities in need. But don't get it twisted, the brand takes its fashion very seriously. So if you're looking for a good reason to spend money, check out Hass's top five reasons to purchase Swagg University Clothing.]

1. The Give Back

Swagg is an acronym: Simply Winning Applying God's Gifts. We get emails from kids--we call it a fresh start or a swagg over--so we partner with foundations and we just make it happen for them. In June, I got an email from people at Hot 107.9 [and Atlanta radio station], and they had a kid with brain tumors and asked if I could do something for him. So I had some great seats to Birthday Bash, and I surprised him. I brought him some Swagg Over to wear, and took him over to Birthday Bash. That's the movement and that's the cause--to help as many people as possible, and have sweet clothing as well.

2. The Cause

It's not your average street-wear brand. The reason I started Swagg U Clothing was to bring in funds so we could continue to do these documentaries, and give Swagg to kids that are sick or neighborhoods that might need to be Swagged up. The cause would be the No. 1 reason for people to get behind the movement.

3. Designs

It's not typical street wear, so it's not geared towards people who want to be hard core. [The brand] just has fun designs. Right now, the top seller is the pink elephant, which is an elephant with shades. We just keep a lot of vibrant colors, and it's cool and fun.

4. Pure Quality

The quality of the printing is great because we print all our own stuff. We take a lot of time in printing. We're professional printers, so it's all great quality. We hire artists who might be in school and they have great designs, but we also have someone who's with us that does most of the designing in house for us.

5. Not A Superficial Street Brand

When the brand first started in 2009, it was like a young version of What Not to Wear. We would give Swagg to people for events like prom or parties, anything like that so we could Swagg them up and give them a street-wear brand they didn't know about. But once we did the first [documentary] of the kid with cancer we just went a totally different direction, and it kind of changed us--like we're supposed to be out here helping people instead of doing superficial stuff.

You Decide. Will you support the cause and cop some Swagg U clothing?

To purchase/preview the brand, just click here.

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