5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: SUPRA S1W: "Girls Wearing My S1W Can Throw It Together W/ T-Shirt Designs & Snapbacks Just Pop"

Wednesday, Jul 11, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Stevie Williams

[With skateboarding culture firmly taken hip-hop by the throat, professional skater Stevie Williams gives SOHH readers five reasons to cop his newly launched SUPRA S1W kicks.]

1. It's Been A Long Time

Number one, I haven't had a shoe on the shelves or on the market in four years.I had a good run when I first got a shoe and after being so dialed in with Reebok and understanding how the shoe game works and how expensive it is to make the shoe and actually having the distribution company to produce, it was really about looking for the right situation. It wasn't always so much about the money, but it's definitely a company I have a good home at and something that I can be prideful of. It took four years and the result, the S1W shoe, is crazy.

2. SUPRA Dupa Fly

Number two, it's an original hot SUPRA shoe that's going to be available in skate shops and regular stores. I actually fell back and let [my team] design it because they've designed a lot of bangers over there at SUPRA. I kind of gave a direction and they came back with the S1W the first time. I was like, "That's it right there." They made it happen and the shoe is awesome. Straight up.

3. Girls, Girls, Girls

Number three, it's something that the girls like too. That's always a plus. The colors the girls seem to be feeling the most are the blue with the yellowish neon and also the black with the turquoise and red. It goes back to back in the day. Fly girls were wearing sneakers like Jordans and Reeboks or whatever is fly on the street. Girls wearing my S1W, they have small feet, and they can throw it together based on its colors with their t-shirt designs and snapbacks just pop. It's adding flavor to the foot game because shorties make them look fly.

4. Work Hard, Play Hard

Number four, it's a great performance shoe to skateboard in that allows me to look good on a board, it makes me look stylish and helps me perform well. One of the differences with this shoe [compared to others] is it doesn't look like a street shoe. It looks kind of like a shoe you could possibly play ball in or just wear on a hot summer day with some shorts. Where we come from, in my street culture, looking dope skating or wearing skate clothes even if you don't skate that day, you might go to the skate spot and start messing around on skateboard and you mess your sneakers up. But when you're skating in the S1W, you can skate in them for a minute and they still won't mess up. This shoe represents me in so many different ways. It allows me to perform and still look good at the same time.

5. Oh Boy

Number five, just support your man Stevie Williams on his grind and doing his thing. Now he's got another hot item on the market and if you're feeling it, go get it and if you're not, go get it anyway. I've gotten a lot of support and it definitely feels good to know that windows of opportunity are still ahead. I'm seeing people I look up to or see in the magazines or on television and they're supporting me and supporting the shoe and SUPRA. It's a blessing and I can't really explain how it feels. They're supporting me on my grind.

You Decide. Will you lace up with a pair of SUPRA S1W kicks?

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