5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: So Excessive: "Excessive Is A Frame Of Mind... You Get To Wear Your Persona On Your Sleeve."

Thursday, Jul 19, 2012 12:15AM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for Keena

[From "swag" to "boss," So Excessive jewelry line has a bracelet for every personality. And they're like potato chips, you can't have just one. Made for stacking, check out Keena's top five reasons So Excessive is a must buy!]

1. Stacks On Stacks On Stacks

They're stack able, so you can have a major arm party with them. They're new, they're fun, they're trendy, but they're not in-the-moment trendy. I plan on continuously reinventing them with new words and phrases and materials. So I feel like they'll always be there and people will want to collect them.

2. Image Booster

They're like an instant confidence booster. You get to wear your persona on your sleeve so to speak. Like, I'm [a] boss. Today I made that the excessive word of the day. Today I'm feeling bossy. I feel like women love them because instead of saying, I'm dope, you kind of just have it on your wrist.

3. Affordable & Collectible

They are really inexpensive and for that reason you can collect them. They're priced from 22 to 26, so you can pretty much get the whole collection a little bit at a time. Because they're priced really and cute...people receive them really well.

4.Keep It Funky

[I started the line] because another brand did something similar, but not so extensive. So maybe a year ago I started looking into materials and the manufacturing because I felt like I wanted to make [the line] a little more fun and a little more funky. So I added denim and leopard, and for the fall we're doing croc and snakeskin and suede, just going on and on with it.

5. Excessive Passion

I incorporate [some of the trendy sayings] because in the hip-hop culture those are trendy words. But the "I Am" sayings came because I'm really big on affirmations stating what you are. Excessive is a frame of mind for me...[And So Excessive] came from my friends always saying that I wore a lot of jewelry. They used to say I was excessive with it. So when I started the company I wanted it to be reflective of me and my passion for accessories.

You Decide. Will you buy a persona you can wear on your sleeve?

To preview/purchase this jewelry line, just click here.

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