5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: RESPECT: "This Is About Music. We Love This Culture Too Much To F*ck Around"

Friday, Jul 13, 2012 1:25PM

Written by SOHH

[With people in the midst of summertime travels, what better way to pass the time than with an eye-catching hip-hop magazine? Today, RESPECT is giving you is Top 5 reasons in a live Q&A Twitter chat with SOHH at 12 PM EST. Be sure to keep up with the interview by following @sohh @sohhdotcom @respectmag for your chance to win a one-year subscription to RESPECT!]

Photo Credit: Nabil Elderkin and RESPECT

1. Flashing Lights

@RESPECTMAG ?#5Reasons? time! SOHH here we go! What is the FIRST biggest reason ?#SOHH? readers should pick up a copy of ?#RESPECT??

.@SOHH We're not just a rap mag - we're a photo journal. That means our pictures are unmatched. The best hip-hop ?#photography?, hands down.
.@SOHH Each issue, we do photo archives. Hundreds of legendary photographers. Albert Watson. @JonathanMannion. NABIL. http://bit.ly/NTczp8

2. Your Favorite Rapper's #1 Mag

@RESPECTMAG Gotcha, best hip-hop photography is a big reason. How about the SECOND biggest reason ?#SOHH? readers need RESPECT in their hands?

.@SOHH High-quality journalism. We interview your favorite artists in every issue, no filler. Writing on point. Shouts to @ElliottWilson.
@sohhdotcom Usually, 4 big features. On stands now, we got @Drake, @ScHoolBoyQ, @therealjuicyj, & @Nas.

3. Come One, Come All

@RESPECTMAG Gotcha! OK, we are at the mid-way point. What is the THIRD biggest reason ?#SOHH? readers should get hip to ?#RESPECT??

.@SOHH Our content is timeless. Old school and new school come together each issue. Jay & Pac on our 1st cover, Drake on our last.
.@sohhdotcom Very important! Music is like food. You gotta have a healthy diet. ?#Diversify?

4. Dope Mag Fresh

.@RESPECTMAG Down to the final two reasons! Give ?#SOHH? readers your FOURTH biggest reason any real hip-hop head NEEDS ?#RESPECT? ASAP!

.@SOHH Design. Straight up, we dare you to find a better looking music mag on stands. & it feels nice when you hold it. & we deliver. Ha!

5. And The Bottom Line Is...

@RESPECTMAG And before we let you guys go, what is the FINAL reason ?#SOHH? readers should pick up a copy today?

.@SOHH We ain't out to bring artists down. This is about music. We love this culture too much to f*ck around. ?#StayClassy? ?#RESPECT?


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