5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Reebok Princess: "She Was Born In The Spring Of '84 & Clearly Her Iconic Look Has Withstood The Test Of Time."

Friday, Jul 6, 2012 12:10AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Michelle Palmer

[To continue the Independence Day festivities, SOHH is recognizing that the Reebok Princess is just a few years away from her 30th birthday. Remembering when the shoe first came out in 1984, the Princess recently released a modern silhouette over a familiar shoe to gear up for its 30th anniversary in 2014. So in the meantime, Michelle Palmer, senior product manager of Reebok is here to tell you the top five reasons you must buy the modern twist of the '80s kicks.]

1. Timeless Kicks

The Princess is definitely a must have because she's a classic. She was born in the spring of '84, and clearly her iconic look has withstood the test of time. Women look to her because she's fashionable and familiar. This season we've given her a makeover, so we've given some modern twists to this familiar silhouette. She's very clean and sleek and versatile in bright, fun colors.

2. Not Your Typical Summer Footwear

The Princess like a hidden gem in the footwear industry, especially in women's footwear's. She's one of the best-kept secrets because she's cute and has a feminine profile, but what people don't know is that she's very comfortable. The Princess is a great shoe, especially for summer. Often times sneakers are not your first choice in the summertime because they're clunky, they're hot and they're just kind of bulky. But the Princess is sleek and comes in clean colors... [and] she's comfortable, casual and can go with anything.

3. Vibrant Color

In terms or color, women have a really strong, emotional connection to color. [They] use color as a means of self-expression. It's kind of a marker of who we are [and] how we feel on a given day. So when it comes to color, the Princess is represented in ques for every mood, which is like a rainbow of personality. All of these colors are nostalgic, and inspired by our youth.

4. Workout Era

We can't underestimate how comfortable she is. The Princess was kind of born from aerobics. She's like the little sister of [aerobics shoes]. She came out a couple of years later, and was a low profile, low-cut alternative.

5. Future Steps

There's loads more to come from the Princess...as we look to 2013. We're working with fashion boutiques, and we're excited about that fact that she's being adopted into the really "cool" community.

You decide. Will you be the first to purchase the remixed Princess?

To purchase the Princess, just click here.

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