5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Reebok All-White Pack: "There's No Question That [Hip-Hop] Brought The Cool Factor To [Reebok]."

Thursday, Jul 26, 2012 12:23AM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for Sean Finucane

[With summer underway and Labor Day just around the corner, Reebok Classics has recently released the All-White Pack highlighting the high-top, low-top and athletic styles for the season. Reminding consumers everywhere that white the hottest color this summer, Sean Finucane, head of Reebok Classics, is here to tell you the top five reasons top purchase this pack before it's too late.]

1. Know Your History

White classic is really where we came from when we started this classic business 30 years ago. The heritage of white, clean classics ties back to Reebok specifically versus any other brand.

2. Clean White Classics

Everyone--especially during the summer--they need that clean, white street wear in the closet, whether it's for the summer, white parties or the weather.

3. White's The Hottest Color

There's a ton on color out there, so everyone needs to have that balance in the closet. There's a trend happening, back to basics, so [people] need to be ready for that change. Color's not going to go away. It's a tremendous business. But you need that all-day, everyday, white, clean, classic look.

4. Hip-Hop Rules The [Sneaker] World

There's no question that [hip-hop] brought the cool factor to [Reebok]. We've done a good job at getting product on the right people, and creating this demand around the product. But when you take someone like a Rick Ross who's actually, genuinely into the product, has a history with the product and understands it, it's a unique partnership and the kids really recognize that. It comes across organic [with Ross] because he believes in Reebok Classic.

5. Collectability

There's a huge amount of collectability when you do the collabs and high-end fashion executions. [And] it all comes back to the heritage. Consumers are starting to realize that Reebok Classic is back, and there's a lot of cool people that are wearing Reebok Classic. And when you tie it back specifically to Classic itself, really there's no other brand that can associate classic like Reebok can.

You Decide. Will you add some real color to your classic sneaker collection?

To preview/purchase Reebok's all-white classics, just click here.

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