5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Rebelution: "Check The Discog & Ask Why Shouldn't You Cop It!"

Monday, Jul 23, 2012 6:00PM

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With R.E.K.S.' latest LP, Rebelutionary, just hours away from its midnight release, the Massachusetts-born MC chopped it up with SOHH on Twitter to breakdown the highlights of his new album. If you're looking for some hip-hop with a message to bump this summer, check out R.E.K.S. top five reasons to cop Rebelutionary. It will make you think!

1. Food For Thought

@therealreks @sohh what's the No. 1 reasons you would tell people to cop ur new project, Rebelutionary - which drops tomorrow?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH Because this project is an important listen in todays age. Its food for thought without coming off preachy.

@sohhdotcom @SOHH We are not as a generation focused on our history, so the cycles repeat. The object was to place a lens on societies ills

@sohhdotcom @SOHH and in doing so rechannel energies in the youth especially in fighting for what we truly believe are our rights

2. The Roots Of Hip-Hop

@therealreks @SOHH Nice! So ur taking it back to the roots of hip-hop. What's another reason ppl need to be on the look out for this LP?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH @numonics who I collaborated with on this project is the truth. His work ethic is tireless and his beats BANG!

@sohhdotcom @SOHH @numonics and I shared a vision I am sure many agree with in this fucked up environment so we came together to shed light

@sohhdotcom @SOHH @numonics produced the entire project. We did the entire recording in his home studio. We politicked and debated daily

@sohhdotcom @SOHH our shared vision is simple. We are blinded by a world we have grown to accept and need to unlearn the idiocy of our ways

3. About That Work

@therealreks @SOHH Word! What would you say is the next reason people need to purchase this project tomorrow?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH I have built a respectable catalogue throughout the past ten years. Check the discog and ask why shouldn't you cop it

4. Check The Track Listing

@therealreks @SOHH And who are some of the features you have on the album? You've done a lot of work with 1982 before. R they on here?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH my twin @termanologyST is featured on a track called Ignorance is Bliss which is powerful

@sohhdotcom @SOHH @TermanologyST The song speaks to our lust we have for material thing being at the bottom

@sohhdotcom @SOHH we also have @Krondon @JonConnorMusic @venessa renee @sene718 @Koncept @luckydice1 @cooliechi @boycottblues @easymoneyst

5. True Hip-Hop For All

@therealreks @SOHH So with everything you've said. What is the final reasons fans should cop Rebelution?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH because I truly believe there is something for every listener with this album. Conceptually, sonically, true hiphop shit

SOHH/Rebelutionary Contest:

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