5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: NCAA Football 13: "For The First Time In The Franchise, We Have Heisman-Winning Players"

Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Jordan Peterson

[With the new NCAA Football 13 game finally on store shelves nationwide this month, EA Sports Associate Designer Jordan Peterson gives SOHH readers five reasons to pick up the Heisman-helmed title.]

1. Bow Down To The Heisman

For the first time ever in the NCAA football Franchise, we have actual Heisman-winning players in the game. Fans will be able to chase the amazing collegiate accomplishments of 10 Heisman winning athletes by placing them on any team and breaking the player's historical records. Users will also be able to utilize the new Reaction Time feature in Heisman Mode (and Road to Glory) that allows the player to slow down game play, giving them more time to find holes opening in the offensive line, or read the defensive coverage. Finally, as they break their Heisman player's records they will unlock additional videos of the player discussing their Heisman season, and what it meant to win one of the most prestigious athletic awards.

2. And That's The ESPN Bottom Line

This year Rece Davis has joined our commentary team and will not only provide brief introductions upon entering Dynasty games, but will also provide Studio Updates during games. These Studio Updates will cover scores around the NCAA, be they big upsets, close conference games, or even the status of a rival's game. In addition to Studio Updates, the ESPN Bottom Line ticker has been incorporated into Dynasty games, providing a constant score update on games in progress, final scores and even previews of later games. Combined, these two features make the Saturday experience of NCAA Football 13 more realistic than ever before.

3. The Scout

Previously, fans would never know the actual overall rating of prospects they had recruited until the off-season. Now, with the new Scouting feature in Dynasty, players are able to scout prospects, unlock their attributes, and even glean their Overall rating starting in the pre-season. Players will discover that some of the prospects are better than originally expected (gems) or they may uncover players that are not quite as good as advertised (busts). For example, a prospect initially ranked as a four star halfback may end up with a 60 overall rating, or, could exceed expectations as a 78.

4. Dynamic Pitches

In NCAA Football 13's Dynasty mode, players will have more control over their school's future than ever before. Everything from signing prospects, winning (or losing) televised games, or even having a player drafted in the first round, are all calculated into the now Dynamic Pitch grades for every school. Thus, as a user's success in both recruiting and on the field fluctuate, so will their pitch grades. These grades are then used when recruiting prospects via the phone call.

5. Total Control Passing

The biggest changes on the field this year are in relation to the passing game, both on offense and defense. On the offensive side of the ball, Total Control Passing allows the user to make the finesse throws that were impossible before by adjusting the arc on the ball, and having the control to throw the ball to a back shoulder, or perfectly lead the wide receiver as he makes his cut on his route. On the defensive side of the ball, we have improved the defensive AI (artificial intelligence) to prevent making adjustments or plays on a ball in the air without first seeing the ball.

You Decide. Will you cop the new video game?

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