5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Where The Boys At?": "It's The Summer Jam, So Why Miss Out On That!"

Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012 2:35PM

Written by SOHH for OMG Girlz

[With their new "Where The Boys At" record buzzing nationwide, the OMG Girlz are giving SOHH readers their live top five reasons you need this in your music stash. Beginning around 1:30 PM EST, make sure to follow @sohh @sohhdotcom @therealomggirlz to keep up with the interview and win your own autographed record plus poster!]

1. Summer Jammin'

@TheRealOMGGirlz Beauty, Babydoll and Star, you only have 5 reasons combined. So what's the FIRST reason peeps need #WhereTheBoysAt ASAP?

@sohhdotcom LEHHS GO!
@SOHH Because we say that it is the summer jam, so why miss out on that! -BabyDoll

2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

@TheRealOMGGirlz @missamazing75 WORD, so #BabyDoll says its the SUMMER JAM of 2012! NICE! SECOND biggest reason peeps need #WhereTheBoysAt?

@SOHH @missamazing75 Second reason is because it is a fun, catchy, but yet everlasting song!:) -Beauty

3. The OMG Years

@TheRealOMGGirlz Niiiice! Summer jam, fun/catchy are two hot reasons! What's the THIRD biggest reason #SOHH readers need #WhereTheBoysAt?

@SOHH Because it is a song that we want people to be able to listen to years from now:) #EVERLASTING -Star

4. Color Me Bad

@TheRealOMGGirlz Those are three HUGE reasons right there! Final two coming up! What's the FOURTH reallly big reason? #WhereTheBoysAt

@SOHH The song is very colorful, painting the world PINK, PURPLE, AND BLUE!!! -BabyDoll:)

5. Boys Dem Sugar

@TheRealOMGGirlz Niiicee BabyDoll! OK, here it is, we want you guys to come together for the last one. FINAL BIGGEST REASON? #WhereTheBoysAt

@sohhdotcom because overall we wanna know where the boys at

@TheRealOMGGirlz lol! OK, that about wraps it up, thank you ladies for the live #SOHH5 interview! Any final words for your fans?

@sohhdotcom We just wanna thank you for your time and shoutout to all our beautiful fans #TeamOMG we love & thank you for your support(:

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