Exclusive: "Lil Wayne Is The Best At What He Do & I Wouldn't Doubt If He Pulled That Off"

Monday, Jul 9, 2012 2:00PM

Written by Amber McKynzie & Cyrus Langhorne

After Young Money boss Lil Wayne declared his aim to become the best skateboarder alive earlier this year, SOHH recently hit up professional skater Stevie Williams for his take on the proclamation.

Williams, who is friends with Weezy F. Baby, said fans and skateboarders alike should not disregard the guarantee.

"He did make that statement didn't he? [Laughs]. Sh*t, I don't know, he might," Stevie told SOHH. "Every time I've seen him or skated with, he's definitely progressed. At the end of the day, you can't really level skateboarding like that. We'll all just have to see. I have to stay on my job too, and it's hard being the best. Feel me? Wayne is the best at what he do and I wouldn't doubt if he pulled that off." (SOHH)

Pop star Justin Bieber recently described Wayne's style of skating.

"He just hit me [up] the other night," Bieber said. "I was going to go to his video shoot he had. He was skating here [in Los Angeles]. I was gonna go skate with him, but it was like 4:30 in morning [when] he called me. So it was really too late for that. He's into skating, like that's his life." When asked to rate his own skills versus Weezy's, Bieber explained that it's more complex than that. "I mean, it's different," he said. "I like more street stuff. He does a lot of vert stuff. Vert is like ramps and street is like rails and kick flips. [They're] different in their own right." (MTV)

A few weeks prior, Wayne detailed how much the skateboard culture has impacted him.

"Skating has become one of my pure passions, I believe I've found myself," Weezy said. "Let me give it to you this way, I needed something more. When I picked up that [skateboard] deck, I was like I want to skate, I want a ramp on my roof now." (Ace Showbiz)

In March, the platinum-selling rapper promised to be the best skateboarder alive in 2013.

"I promise you, this day, next year, I will be not ten times better, not a hundred times better, not a million times better, but the best," Weezy promised in a video dated March 12th. He's still got a long way to go, but Lil Wayne is taking this skateboarding thing very seriously, and you can see the improvement in this latest video. When Tunechi sets his mind to something, he takes it as far as possible, and this new skating obsession is no different. He even went so far as to build a ramp at his Miami home, and every week we see new footage of him hitting up various skate parks around the country. (Complex)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne & Stevie Williams footage below:

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