5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Life's Quest: "If You Like What Pimp C Called 'Country Rap Tunes,' This Is A Great Album For That"

Monday, Jul 30, 2012 12:30AM

Written by SOHH for 8Ball

[With his long-awaited Life's Quest album finally on store shelves, rap veteran 8Ball gives SOHH readers five reasons you need his LP in your music playlists.]

1. Life Is Good

Reason number one you should buy my album Life's Quest is because I haven't did an 8Ball solo studio album in a while that's gonna be a classic like my first one [1998's] Lost. Even though it's not a double album or whatever, it still goes up there with Lost. So that's definitely one of the reasons. It's been a long time since I've done a solo album but I've done a bunch of features and 8Ball & MJG albums. I still got a lot of love for what I do and it's what I do. I'm going to forever do this. If it's another 15 years and I feel like doing an album, I'm going to do that if I have the means to do it. I have a lot of fans that still accept the music and the growth.

2. Big Blues

Second reason. If you are familiar with any of my music or my fans, I mesh a lot of that blues, soul and R&B into my music. I think it's a lot of that on this album. If you like a lot of that soulful hip-hop, what Pimp C called 'country rap tunes,' if you like those country rap tunes, this is a great album for that. If anybody knows anything about 8Ball & MJG, they know that Memphis is where the music comes from. That's where all of our music has been inspired from. I've been inspired by Marvin Gaye and Al Green in my music.

3. Re-Quested

Number three. The third reason is because I do have a few great features. I didn't overload this album with features. I got three great ones. Big K.R.I.T., of course, he produced a track and rapped on a chorus. 2 Chainz is on a track that Drumma Boy produced and I think everybody is going to like. Me and Angie Stone made a great record together which is the title track, "Life's Quest." So a big reason is definitely the features.

4. Paper Chasing

The number four reason why people should buy my Life's Quest album is simply because I need the money. That's number four.

5. Life Alert

Number five reason why people should buy my Life's Quest album is because I think it'll give them a break from what's really popular right now. I ain't gonna say it's not popular right now, but it's kind of my own lane with what this album is doing. I think it's going to be a breath of fresh air for hip-hop listeners right now.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new album?

To preview/purchase Life's Quest, just click here.

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