SOHH Whatcha Think: Kat Stacks Leaving USA, Prodigy's Jail Love Letters Exposed?, Nicki Minaj Gets Dissed For Swagger Jackin'

Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012 10:15AM

Written by SOHH On The Spot

It's a hot Wednesday on SOHH many different levels today. For starters, it turns out the infamous Kat Stacks is finally leaving jail...but getting deported out of the United States. Keeping with the topic of jail, an alleged ex-Mobb Deep member claims Prodigy penned love letters to men while behind bars -- and he has proof. To top off a sizzlin' Hump Day, just throw on a fan-related beef aimed at Nicki Minaj.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Kat Trap

It's been a long time coming but Kat Stacks is finally getting released from jail. So for everyone who has missed her name-calling, video-posting and devious viral ways, you should all start smiling. The only bad part? She's leaving jail and headed right onto a plane overseas, at least according to Bossip:

Remember Kat Stacks? Well if you're into that kind of thing you might want to hang on to the memory because soon that's all that will be left of her in the U.S. She's finally being deported. Poor thang! Kat Stacks has exhausted her appeals and will likely be shipped back to her birthplace very soon. But does anybody even care anymore? Her 15 minutes pretty much ended when she went to prison and all her groupie tales came to a halt. (Bossip)

In all honesty, is there any doubt we will notice a difference? There may not be as many high-profile Venezuela hip-hop artists or celebrities she can put on blast, but rest assured she will have some stories to tell no matter what. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

2. Deep Mobb

It seems like the only bad part about being associated with a crew is when ex-members come back into the spotlight and hold a grudge. In the realm of he-said, she-said, there appears to be an "original" Mobb Deep member who claims Prodigy, in fact, had a thing for men in jail. It's no secret Prodigy has done hard time, but he's also got a family; wife and kid(s). Media Take Out has the scoop on this new allegation:

SHOOK ONE!!! Rapper PRODIGY Was ALLEGEDLY Sending GAY LOVE LETTERS To Men In Jail!! (One Of The Mobb Deep Members Put Him ON BLAST) One of the original members of Mobb Deep named FERG BRIM claims that he has GAY LOVE LETTERS . . . that Prodigy sent to men in jail. He is threatening to RELEASE them . . . (Media Take Out)

All of this comes a few months after Havoc's Twitter got hacked and also made allegations that Prodigy may have had relations with men in jail. Ironically, after Havoc denied making the tweets, Prodigy said there had been past problems with ex-members who did similar stunts. #SOHHWhatchaThink?

3. Lady Of The Night

It's funny how most of us thought any swagger jacking-related accusations involving Nicki Minaj would have ended with Lil' Kim, well, and maybe Marge Simpson. Well, you can add Lady Gaga to the mix now as the Barbie got a taste of Gaga's fan fury recently. All Hip Hop Rumors has the clip:

Nicki Minaj will probably never escape the Lady GaGa comparisons, but it does seems as thought they are starting to get under her skin. The reigning Queen of Hip-Hop was recently heckled by a Lady GaGa fan as she exited an airport. The fan called her a GaGa "rip off" and told her that she "needs to stop copying Lady GaGa." In the video description it says that Nicki called the overzealous GaGa fan a "b*tch," but I didn't hear it. Did you? Glad to see Nicki kept her cool in this situation. Do you agree with the fan, is Nicki a GaGa clone?

You know what they say, imitation is just a symbol of flattery. Looks like Nicki Minaj took a bit of offense to the heckling and lost her cool. But do Lady Gaga fans have a valid point here? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

That wraps it up for today, y'all. This is SOHH On The Spot bringing you the latest in morning gossip from your favorite rumor sites.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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