News: Kanye West Gets Kinky By Starring In Nude Video, "It's Not Pornographic, But It's Very Sensual"

Sunday, Jul 1, 2012 11:40AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West is making weekend headlines after starring in a new erotic visual to help contribute to the launch of a model's 25 magazine.

According to reports, Yeezy's involvement in the video stems from his relationshp with model Anja Rubik.

For the launch of Anja Rubik's new magazine, 25, photographer and director Barnaby Roper teamed up with Kanye West to make a video dedicated to the issue's theme of eroticism. Rubik knew West from bumping into him at various fashion events over the years, and they became close friends when he started working on his clothing line (she's since opened both of his runway shows, and he rapped about her in "Way Too Cold"). "He's like a machine, not only with music but also with fashion and videos," Rubik told us earlier this week. "He's a workaholic, and always talking about all these crazy thoughts and images running through his head." (New York Mag)

Ye and Rubik reportedly talked about the magazine's set-up and content prior to its launch.

When Rubik was putting together the first issue of 25, she and West discussed how she wanted the magazine to approach sex. "It's funny. We talked about porn looks these days, and he agreed with me that there's no porn out there that is beautiful aesthetically and integrates fashion to make a beautiful image," she explained. "We were on the same page about a lot of things." He agreed to work with Roper in a video that explores some of the sensual imagery from the magazine. "I thought it would be really interesting to make it seem like we were entering Kanye's head," Rubik said. "It's not pornographic, but it's very sensual." (New York Mag)

Recently, the rap star name-dropped Rubik in his "Way Too Cold" record.

West and Rubik have been friends for some time; she has appeared in both Paris runway shows for his women's collection and was even referenced on his "Way Too Cold" with the lyric "Dinner with Anna Wintour/ Racin' with Anja Rubik/ I told you mother----ers it was more than the music." (MTV)

Back in 2010, Yeezy responded to heat he received for featuring nudity on his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album.

"In all honesty ... I really don't be thinking about Wal-Mart when I make my music or album covers #Kanyeshrug!"
"I wanna sell albums but not at the expense of my true creativity." (Kanye West's Twitter)

Click here to see the NSFW visual.

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