5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Jeantrix: "Angela Simmon's Stylist Reached Out & Said, 'I Have A Cool Project We Want You Guys To Be A Part Of'."

Wednesday, Jul 4, 2012 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Nyce & Homm

[In 2003, Nyce and Homm started designing clothes, and soon after began producing clothing under special request. Now, nine years later, reality star Angela Simmons' stylist is requesting their custom made fits for her photo shoots. For Independence Day, SOHH celebrates the exclusive, handmade clothing line, Jeantrix. Bringing fun back to fashion, Nyce and Homm give you the top five reasons to peep their brand before the day is up!]

1. Colorfully Original

We like to say we're original. We're basically trying to bring the fun back to fashion. Nowadays fashion can be a little dark, and it can be a little unoriginal also. [We] don't feel everybody is dark. There are still some colorful, fun people out there. So that's what Jeantrix stands for: the fun, out-of-the-box consumer.

2. Clothing As Art

A lot of brands you see out now is just fabric. We do love to work with different fabrics, but we love to add art to it whether it's painting on it; studs; glitter. We just like to have fun, so everything we do is art. [Our consumers] are wearing wearable art, and you're not going to have anything else anyone else has.

3. Hand Made Everything

Everything is custom-made with hands. Whether it's custom painted or custom set, everything is made by hand. We're going to get into having things manufactured and produced, but we're still going to have our fine-art pieces that are made by the head designer of Jeantrix. So that makes [the brand] that much more exclusive.

4. Not Focused On Mass Production

We put everything together ourselves. Every piece you see, we sit in the lab for hours and weeks to put [it all] together. That's what sets us apart from every other brand because most brands sketch and send it to a company, and it's made. But we actually sit here and create everything. We're going to go into that because in order to expand you have to be able to mass-produce, but we're still going to have our art pieces that we create ourselves.

5. Fashion Brought To Light

Today's fashion can be a little dark...so the fashion of the '80s was really fun, [and] that's our main inspiration. The '80s, the '90s, it was all about fun. It wasn't too serious. We just want to bring that back to fashion. [Our brand] is '80s, '90s with a hint of futuristic. Everything we do is fun and bright with pop out colors. When you see our clothes, it takes people to a certain place--they get a certain feeling when they see it.

You Decide. Are you ready to rock Jeantrix?

To purchase Jeantrix, just click here.

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