Guest Star: "If You Don't Hear From Me For A Couple Days, I Might Be Painkiller'd Up"

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012 3:45PM

Written by SOHH for Lil Wyte

[With plans to have hernia surgery today, Memphis rap veteran Lil Wyte gives SOHH readers the scoop on why he might be in recovery for the next two weeks.]

I have a hernia that I should have took care of but it really got to the point where now I have a week or two off. I was really just letting the [Twitter] fans know, "If you don't hear from me for a couple days, I might be painkiller'd up laying in the bed."

I'm just at the age where I'm about to hit the 3-0 this year and I better get this stuff taken care of now so I can give the fans another ten years. There have been shows where I've felt pain. When I'm rapping, I'm good. I'm ripping it and I'm up there pushing it, just ripping that sh*t as hard as I can out of my body.

I think I literally rapped my balls off, that's what my homies would say. They tell me, "You're up there literally rapping your balls off. You should take this as a good thing." But I'm going to be straight. This is just a little simple procedure and it's nothing big.

I think it'll help me feel a lot better. It's gotten to the point where doctors were telling me to not even work out. It got to the point where I stopped smoking cigarettes real heavy back in January. I think I stopped around New Year's Eve and I might take a puff here and there if I'm at the club.

I quit smoking around New Year's Eve and started eating my a** off but then the doctors told me I couldn't work out until I got the surgery because I could make it worse. So I'm just over here munching, gaining weight, rocking shows, the new album came out, I'm sitting there promoting it but now I've got a good two weeks off.

So I'm getting this surgery taken care of, getting this DUI behind me and I'm going to feel better about everything I'm doing. If my body feels better, then I know the fans will be able to see I'm in better shape.

When the quick-rapping, crunk to the core Lil Wyte first came to the attention of the Three 6 Mafia it was with an all-white group of which Wyte was a member. The group fell apart but the Memphis-based Wyte was too skilled to be stopped. Three 6 Mafia members Juicy J and DJ Paul signed the under-21 rapper immediately after the group's disbanding and soon were working on his debut. Doubt Me Now appeared in 2003 and became a word-of-mouth hit among crunk and Southern rap's hardcore fans. Wyte's "Smoking Song" started to appear on numerous street-level mixtapes and Internet message boards were filled with Wyte talk.

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