Singled Out: "If They Can Say 'Beat The P*ssy Up,' Then I Can Say 'Throw That D*ck'

Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Hazel-E

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After videographers DGainz and A Zae discussed the "I Don't Like" visual, rapper/singer Hazel-E discusses how she managed to snag Teairra Mari and Diamond for her new "Throw That D*ck" anthem.]

"Throw That D*ck" came about because DJ Mustard out here in California, who did the tracks for Tyga, sent DJ Carisma the track for my Girl Code mixtape. So when I got it, I was actually throwing a tattoo party at my house because I love the tattoo life and we were over there and I don't know. We just started saying, "Throw that d*ck! Throw that d*ck!"

Teairra Mari, who is singing on the hook, started singing and I started rapping verses and we reached out to Diamond, she got on board and then you had "Throw That D*ck."

I laid my part, Teairra laid her part and we sent it over to Diamond and she laid her part. We mixed it all down, hit Miami for my birthday weekend together and we all just hung out in L.A. We're about to get ready to shoot a music video for it because off the Girl Code mixtape, it seems like the track that's getting the most recognition.

So we're like, "Maybe we should go ahead and shoot a video," we thought about throwing Lola Monroe [on it] because that's the other homie. She signed to Wiz [and we want her] on the last verse, like a remix, and try to do some "Ladies Night" stuff again. It's all about the new chicks coming together, throw that d*ck!

I wanted to make a ratchet record. In LA, they've got that 'Beat The P*ssy' record. And if they can say 'Beat The P*ssy Up,' then I can say 'Throw That D*ck.' Why can't I say that if they can say beat the p*ssy up? I want to just catch the wave with all of my females.

With the streets buzzing and great projects on the horizon, HAZEL-E's future in entertainment is strong and steady on the rise. Recently, the pop-diva was featured in the New York Post: Page Six for her star studded birthday bash, "Lifestyle Of A Valley Girl Vol. IV" at Dolce in Miami Beach, Fla. "I want to be #1 on all pop charts, I want a Grammy, Billboard, AMA, MTV and a BET award. I want to be multi-platinum, I want to be a major staple in pop culture!" says the song bird-lyricist of her ambitions.

Check out "Throw That D*ck" below:

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