Singled Out: "I Knew It Would Be Really Dope To Sample Biggie & Make A Dope Record About The Things I Like"

Tuesday, Jul 3, 2012 12:00PM

Written by SOHH for Richie Branson

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After XV broke down his new "Chains, Whips and Bars," Richie Branson starts up his new "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis" anthem.]

I was just chilling one day and I think I was watching one of those old-school Motown documentaries and I remember hearing that old Jackson 5 joint, "I Want You Back." That was one of the illest instrumental choruses of all time. I was like, "Man, I need to sample that."

I know Kanye West had already done it for "H to the Izzo" but I was like, "I want to sample it exactly how it is played." I wanted to hear the entire thing. Then as soon as I heard it, I had just heard that Biggie line. I know a lot of people have already sampled Biggie, but as a nerdy type of artist, I knew it would be really dope to sample Biggie and make a dope record about the things I like.

Instantly, that line from "Juicy" came to my mind. That "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis" and it all kind of meshed together in my head right then. I knew I was going to sample the Jackson 5 and then put that Biggie sample in.

I had already wrote two verses and I considered if I should go for three or if I should do a feature. I thought there was no better person for a video game rap than Mega Ran. He's a legednary video game rapper. I knew I had to get a feature from him.

I thought it would be a really good look especially because we're going on tour together this summer. I shot him the record and he had a verse for me almost immediately. He dropped a verse and I put it together.

I took a long stroll down memory lane. Pretty much 99.9 percent of everything you hear in those verses actually happened. I remember cutting grass over the summer so I could buy that Super NES. I remember when Mortal Kombat had came out and there was a huge uproar. I had to get my pops to get the game for me. A lot of those experiences came to mind. I was a huge gamer coming up.

Richie is an extremely versatile artist/producer who has already made some noise in the music industry. In 2009 he formed a music production company with his cousin, music producer Jeremy "J.Forbes" Brown. Within months, Red Prodigy's signature sound was already being co-signed by top executives in the music industry. Def Jam's President, L.A. Reid, personally offered a record deal to one of Red Prodigy's artists, Demarcus "Bone" Hamilton, after hearing two of Bone's songs, both of which were produced by Richie and J. Forbes. Red Prodigy produced Bone's smash debut single "Homegurl" which stayed on the Billboard Hot 100 Hip-Hop/R&B charts for 19 weeks and reached a radio audience of over 9 million people. Eventually, Red Prodigy would go on to do production work with industry artists from around the nation including Chalie Boy, Slim Thug, The Dream, Bun B, and Rick Ross.

Check out "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis" below:

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