Singled Out: "I Knew It Would Be Dope To Get Tyga & Chris Brown On The Same Record"

Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012 3:00PM

Written by SOHH for Kid Ink

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Hazel-E got nasty discussing "Throw That D*ck," fellow West Coast rapper Kid Ink spills the beans on snagging Tyga and Chris Brown for his "Time of Your Life" remix.]

The "Time of Your Life" remix was pretty much taking off by itself and me and the producer were sitting in the studio while I was putting together the rest of my [Up & Away debut] album. Everyone's been asking me about my production side and if I've put any beats together for my album and it was really more so because I wanted to focus on writing and getting my stuff together.

Production just ends up taking a little bit more time. For the remix, I figured I just wanted to produce it so that way I can kind of get that out there and pretty much throw it out there. I had it, threw on the instrumental without having any of the drums. I kept it simple and figured, "Aight, I'm just going to go in on the drums real quick and not waste too much studio time."

I remember thinking who could we get on the remix, there were already artists coming up to me and letting me know how much they messed with the record. I took that into account too. It was a list of different names that we did reach out to, but not stressing them or anything like that. It was more so, "If you mess with this, just hop on it."

I knew Tyga had "Rack City" and I knew if we got together, it would be popping. I knew we'd be good on the West Coast. I remember at the same time, Chris Brown and Tyga [were working together] and I knew it would be dope to get Tyga and Chris Brown on the same record.

We didn't even reach to him like that. Tyga was actually on the road all the way through, I think overseas. He was on the bus and told me he'd get it to me as soon as possible. The same thing happened with Chris. He was in the studio and said he'd get it back to me.

Even I was on the road, so pretty much no one was able to get together. We couldn't get the schedules right. It was a bunch of phone calls and back-and-forth. Tyga ended up getting his verse a little late because he was overseas and wasn't able to really communicate [normally] with his engineer. We ended up getting it last minute right before it came out.

It's hard to keep records without people touching it.

When the idea came to me, it just seemed perfect. We had a bunch of names but when we got to those two, it was just like, "Ah!" That was a full force. One of the biggest things too is the music video. Ladies are going to love it.

Solidifying himself as a real MC, Kid Ink garnered career-defining features from Hip-Hop and R&B stars including Young Money's Gudda Gudda, Roscoe Dash, Sterling Simms, Bei Maejor, Meek Mill and many more. Kid Ink's uncompromising work ethic would not allow him to rest on his more than impressive laurels; there needed to be a 'visual' movement to showcase his innovative style and unique persona.

Check out the "Time of Your Life" remix below:

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