5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: How To Survive In A Recession: "I'm Not Making It Rain In The Club. Why Waste 100 Bottles When All I Need Is 1?"

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Slim Thug

[With his long-awaited How To Survive In A Recession book finally available for purchase, Houston's Slim Thug gives SOHH readers five reasons to pick up the guide to paper-saving.]

1. Ballin' On A Budget

My first reason is because it's a funny book. It's not just a straight-up guide to saving money or stacking up on how to save money in a recession. I've put a little bit of personality with it. It's not like a book that you would go and find to learn more about stocks and bonds. It's not going to help you with that. It's more like fun to it. It's more like a situation that a rapper would be in. Everything is natural. It couldn't get more natural. This comes from a line I said in a song, "I'm going to make a book on how to survive in a recession." From that line, I went to Jon Stewart show and they made a whole skit out of that. Then we also shot a video for it that they still play on MTV. It's all about having fun and then people started anticipating the book. I wasn't even serious about making no book. It was just a rap line but then I started seeing what I could do. I'm not making it rain in the club. Why waste 100 bottles when all I need is 1?

2. All Of Me

It also has more than just how to survive in a recession. It has a bio, it has stuff about my life in it, there's serious stuff about me growing up. It has different quotes and stuff that I like to live by in my daily life. I didn't want to make this a regular book.

3. Real Boss Hogg

It's a comedy book but it's still real. You're learning real ways to stack your money in a recession and it still gives you good advice. You'll hear a lot of good quotes coming from me too.

4. iPhoto

Another reason you should get my book is because it also has pictures. There's different pictures that have never been seen. It's real life pictures of me either partying or actually there's no telling what I'm doing in those photos. Being that it's me, it might get a little wild in there. I went through my personal collection of photos from my iPhone and just posted that sh*t.

5. Change Clothes

The last reason is because I did a photo shoot for the book and I got all suited up. That's something people don't see me do. I had to do something special. I really have no where to wear a suit to. If I had somewhere to rock a suit to, I would definitely do so but I don't have any place. I like to get dressed up but in my life, I really have no where to wear them. I still bought a few to wear in case I do end up going somewhere.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new How To Survive In A Recession?

To preview/purchase the new book just click here.

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