Underrated: "He's One Of Those Artists The Hip-Hop Market Tries To Sh*t On"

Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for David E. Beats

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Pastor Jomo K. Johnson gave Sevin the title last week, rapper David E. Beats crowns Lupe Fiasco SOHH Underrated.]

sohh-underrated 2012-07-27-lupe-fiasco.jpg

Lupe Fiasco. He's the most slept-on. He's the most slept-on out of everybody.

Lupe goes platinum so many times. Oh my God. His albums are so dope and they still try to play him like he's not hot. He doesn't get that much coverage. He's got the pop market on lock. I'm telling you. Crazy.

He's doing international tours, I feel like he's one of those artists the hip-hop market tries to sh*t on but he's getting money everywhere else. I feel like Lupe is definitely underrated. 100 percent.

I don't really care about anybody else. A lot of those other guys aren't underrated, they've already gone platinum, had their fame and already did their thing but if they don't keep going, it's them.

I feel like for someone who has been in the game, I've seen progression from, someone who has really been making moves in and out and actually been slept-on by the hip-hop community, I think that's Lupe. He's the only guy that I can possibly see who is really going out there and doing sh*t on a very big level and still getting slept-on. You know?

I've been a fan since his first major album. That's when I first heard about him, through Food & Liquor. I've gone out and bought all three of his albums. I feel like his albums are just on a whole 'nother level, musically.

I think a lot of people sleep on him because he talks very fast and says a lot of sh*t, but I feel he's like Jay-Z. A lot of people sleep on Jay's punchlines until they come back and look at them. People really sleep on what Lupe is saying and rapping.

David E Beats is not your typical rapper. He became a self-contained musician, by teaching himself guitar, producing, and writing every song. He now raps and plays guitar simultaneously while on stage, and fans named him "The Rapping Hendrix."

Check out Lupe Fiasco's music below:

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