News: Former Adult Porn Star Defends New Rap Career: "I Am Super Excited"

Monday, Jul 16, 2012 9:21AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former adult film star Bree Olson is letting people know her recent stint in hip-hop, as heard on the new "Hollywood Douchebag" record, is no joke and why more singles will follow.

Olson and producer Mike Gonsolin have released statements discussing their new record.

"I am super excited about my first single. It was such a blast doing the song and music video. Since both of us are not originally from Hollywood, and are hardly acclimated to its esoteric 'lifestyle,' this parody track seemed to come to fruition almost instantaneously," Olson told HipHopDX in a statement. Gonsolin, who has produced for Sam Adams, Shwayze and others, added, "I've produced Hip Hop and Pop tracks for many of today's top artists across the genre globe, and this song was by far one of the best times I've had collaborating with someone. It was such a breath of fresh air to be able to not take myself too seriously for a minute, and just poke fun at the silly town of Hollywood and everything that it embodies and reveres." (HHDX)

Olson released a music video for "Hollywood Douchebag" heading into the weekend.

The glossy cut, a scathing and club-ready indictment of female and male douchebags in Hollywoodland, features Olson and Gonsolin trading off lines about pills, gold diggers, fake t*ts and clubbing. Olson and Gonsolin have a Ke$ha and Eminem thing going on, if we can say so ourselves. The video features a bevy of porn talent, including one of Charlie Sheen's old friends and very active porn star Alexis Ford, featured as the porntagonist douchette. The level and buoyancy of the talent in the music video -- plus Ford tweeting while getting it doggystyle -- push it into NSFW territory. (Houston Press)

Reports of her interest in the music industry hit the Internet around mid-June.

During the airing of James Bartholet's Inside the Industry Show this past week it was learned that Bree Olson is pursuing a music career. "She's doing very well," said director Andre Madness. "She's with her music producer- they're collaborating on some Hip Hop tunes. She's got one called 'I'm in Love with a Hollywood Douchebag' ". Bartholet found it hard to believe that Olson was singing. "I think it was a surprise to her as well," said Madness. "But she sounds really good. (Adult FYI)

Back in 2010, adult film star Brian Pumper revealed his interest in linking with 50 Cent to fuel his own music career.

"I wanna do B. Pumper albums, which I wanna put out under 50 Cent. I want 50 Cent to sign me as a solo act," Pumper tells Pow-TV. "G-Unit stands for guerilla gangster sh*t, but a n*gga don't have to be be poppin pistols or selling crack. Anything can be considered gangster, 'Yo that n*gga's a fool, he be smashin all the shorties in the [porno] flicks you gangster for that, I like G-Unit, I like the style, the energy they bring in their music." (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out the NSFW "Hollywood Doucebag" by clicking here.

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