5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Fat Boys' Limited Edition Pizza Box Set: "Gotta Dedicate This To My Man Buff. Rest In Peace, We Miss You"

Friday, Jul 20, 2012 1:00PM

Written by SOHH

[In honor of the Fat Boys' new limited edition re-issue of their 1984 debut album hitting shelves this month, the Fat Boys and music mogul Uncle Louis are giving SOHH readers five reasons to cop this hip-hop classic in a live 5 Reasons Twitter Q&A today at 1 PM EST. Be sure to follow @sohh @sohhdotcom @thefatboys @unclelouie to keep up with the interview and win your own copy!]

1. Fat Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

@UncleLouie lol So here we go! We know there a a pizz-llion reasons, but what's the FIRST biggest reason peeps NEED this #FatBoys rerelease?

@Sohh @sohhdotcom before we get this started, gotta dedicate this to my man Buff. Rest in peace man, we miss you. @UncleLouie @KoolRockSki
@SOHH the #1 reason is that its been 28 yrs & @PrinceMarkieDee & @KoolRockSki need more Pizza money! Plus, it's historically important music
@SOHH there has been a big renaissance of "old school" & we are in a period where our fans are older now, and nostalgic.
@SOHH @TheFatBoys truly came #FullCircle & at are blessed to now be revered as legends. We don't take that lightly. - @PrinceMarkieDee

2. Don't Call It A Comeback

@UncleLouie Word. Gotcha. Moving right along, what's the SECOND biggest reason? Seems like this re-release is dedicated to Buffy too. #SOHH5

@sohhdotcom @SOHH it has been a labor of love & @PrinceMarkieDee & @UncleLouie have worked for 3 years to get to this point of a "comeback"
@sohhdotcom @SOHH and with that said and with FatBoysClothing.com up and running, this is just the beginning of the Fat Renaissance hahaha
@sohhdotcom @SOHH to be fair, they're all equally important to us @KurtisBlow1 was a beast on the tracks! Each song reps a great memory
@SOHH Did I mention how hard Jailhouse Rap hits on @houseofmarley Destiny headphones? Chaching!!!! @sohhdotcom @TheFatBoys lol

3. Get Schooled

@UncleLouie No doubt, we can dig it. OK, mid-way point! What's the THIRD biggest reason #SOHH readers need it ASAP?

@SOHH @sohhdotcom we hope you have a fresh @dominos pizza while you ask these questions!
@SOHH #3 is the need to educate hip hop fans on the majesty of Buff's unparalleled ability to make a beat w/ his mouth hit harder than a 808

4. Get 'Em Up

@sohhdotcom: @UncleLouie Ah! Got the third one! Final two reasons!

"@sohhdotcom: @UncleLouie Ah! Got the third one! Final two reasons!" Brrrrrr Stick em!

5. Timeless

@UncleLouie lol We know the stomachs are grumbling, guys! Give us your FINAL FINAL FINAAAAAAL reason!

@sohhdotcom @SOHH to be given the chance to show @TheFatBoys can still rock & influence our fan base made now the right time
@SOHH @sohhdotcom And you know they can never be whack! Peace.

SOHH/Fat Boys Contest:

Wanna win your own copy? Here's what you gotta do:

1 - Follow @sohh and @sohhdotcom

2 - Beginning around 2 PM EST, start checking out SOHH's Twitter accounts for question(s) based on the five reasons. Make sure when you answer, you mention #SOHH5 and @thefatboys @unclelouie in your response. G'luck!

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