5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Coco & Breezy Eyewear: "My Customers Are Fashionable: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Miguel, Theophilus London, Selita EBanks...."

Thursday, Jul 5, 2012 2:00PM

Written by SOHH

[With those summer sun rays in full effect, what better way to protect your eyes and stay looking fresh than with a pair of swagged out shades? Today, the Coco & Breezy Eyewear creators are giving your their Top 5 reasons in a live, free shades giveaway Q&A Twitter chat with SOHH at 1 PM EST! Be sure to keep up with the interview by following @sohh @sohhdotcom @cocoandbreezy and look out for your chance to win!]

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1. The Bottom Line Is...

Here we go! @cocoandbreezy : what five words would you use to describe your brand?

@SOHH esthetic, 2020, Tells a story, Risky, Wear-able Art.

2. Here's A Little Story That Must Be Told

@cocoandbreezy nice. What would you say is the main inspiration behind youd sunglasses line and when did the brand begin?

@SOHH As kids we were always misunderstood growing up in Minnesota. Our parents let us be different but others didn't understand...
@SOHH , so we created eyewear to block ourselves from making eye contact with these people that didn't understand us!
@SOHH We designed our 1st pair of studded eyewear in 07' ish for us, and we made it a brand in 09.

3. Stand Out Shades

@cocoandbreezy Being different is key these days. What influenxed the 2 of you to start as sunglasses brand over anything else?

@SOHH Its all about having a niche when starting a brand then branching out a little at a time. Eyewear is our niche.

4. There Is No Competition

@cocoandbreezy what would you say ard the top 5 things that set you apart from other eyswear brands?

@SOHH Quality, Brand Equity, Unique Design, Structure, Branding.

5. Get Like Us

@cocoandbreezy so with that in mind, whay do u thknk would make consumers look to purchase ur brand over say a versace or gucci?

@SOHH We are two separate markets with different demographics. My customers are fashionable, and would want to buy Us and Versace.
@SOHH - Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Miguel, Theophilus London, Selita Ebanks, Tyler(Neon Trees), Kelly Osbourne + more.
@SOHH We always new we had something in our hands, but we also know we are still growing. We are excited to work smart for more.

@cocoandbreezy well there you have it! Pure style from @cocoandbreezy. Thanks for doing this today!

@SOHH Thanks for having us!

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Check out a preview of the "5 Reasons" Q&A below:

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