Pulse Report: Rick Ross Gets Robbed But Not Tricked, Nas Enjoys The Good Life, Game Puts A Hit On The Media

Friday, Jul 27, 2012 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we find out just how bad Rick Ross' tour bus got robbed last weekend, applaud Nas' chart-topping Life Is Good album, watch out for Game's Twitter threats and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. How 2 Rob

I thought rappers getting robbed was played out in 2012? OK, so maybe Yung Berg is an exception but tour buses getting shot at, exploding and now being robbed? What's the world coming to? Seems like "The Boss" Rick Ross ran into some problems last weekend when his tour bus got shaken down. Out of all the places it had to happen though, Detroit? LOL. Some stereotypes just won't go away.


Rick Ross' tour bus was left in ruins Saturday ... after a burglar (or burglars) broke into the massive vehicle, plundered thousands of dollars worth of stuff, and practically destroyed it in the process. Detroit law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Ross' camp filed a police report early Saturday morning, claiming the bandits made off with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, clothes, and other personal property. We're told no one was inside the tour bus when it was burglarized. Ross and his entourage were staying at a nearby hotel at the time. So far, there are no suspects. (TMZ)

The funniest thing is how fast Detroit's Trick Trick came out of nowhere to claim he had nothing to do with it. I can't tell if he was really trying to defend his image or just wanted to have a reason to get some attention. Like, who even remembers him? LOL.


"I wasn't gona entertain this weak sh*t but, if I wanted to get officer ricky, I'd get em! Not tear up a tour bus! That's B*TCH sh*t! GSM," he tweeted July 23rd.
"U fake a** wanabe journalist kill me printin rumors! I ain't that kinda guy! If I want yo a** Beat its gettn beat! F*cc officer Ricky! GSM"
"I ain't got no problems wit dat n*gga. Since n*ggas in the D succ em off so well. I just let em succ em! I ain't no cocc blocc either! GSM"
"U MF's so quicc 2 put my name on some ole Hoe sh*t! N*gga This the Muthaf*ccin GOON SQWAD! We ain't in 2 the B*tch sh*t! That's 4 u kids GSM"
"I don't support tearin up the boy sh*t but I also Don't Give a f*cc either. Just leave my name OUT of that weak sh*t! I'm bout Dat Paypa!" (Trick Trick's Twitter)

LOL!!! My only real problem with this is Trick Trick's emphasis on calling Rick Ross "Officer Ricky." And to make it even worse, he lets us know that he can get got too. SMH. Really, Trick Trick? The most exciting part of your day is threatening people on Twitter and saying that a particular crime was not commited by you "this" time? SMH.

2. Hail To God's Son

I can't lie, Life Is Good is a pretty good album. So it may not have sold 500,000-plus copies in its opening week, but it still managed to sell over 140,000, debut atop the sales chart and out-sell its competition by about 70,000-plus. Those are pretty good numbers. If my word doesn't mean that much, then at least appreciate some co-signs that Swizz Beatz, Baron Davis and Fabolous gave Nasty.


"Blessings to my brother @nas for that #1 spot on the charts!!! Summer on smash http://instagr.am/p/NeSNs3SDGW/," Swizzy tweeted July 25th. (Swizz Beatz's Twitter)
"Congrats to the Homie @Nas for #1 album. #LifeIsGood Sick! Sick! Sick!" (Baron Davis' Twitter)
"I think it's actually a breath of fresh air for hip-hop," Fab said. "It's a different direction than a lot of the hip-hop that's been coming out more recent. It's so fresh. It's so good to hear fresh music once in a while. You know, nothing wrong with the sound that's in hip-hop right now, except for that it's over-saturated you know, but I think Nas gives a different approach. I think that's dope. "It's just about making great hip-hop overall and I think Nas' album adds to that," 'Loso added. (XXL Mag)

^ LOL @ Baron Davis though. After the underperforming he did in a New York Knicks uniform last season, it's hard to even show him some love in here. LOL. Oh, and those numbers? Nas proved he can be an occasional "bogus doggy" and still push units:

nas-2012-07-19-300x300.jpglife is good-2012-07-25-300x300.jpg

Leading the pack this week is Nas' Life Is Good album which landed at No. 1. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the LP has shelled out 149,200 units after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

3. Moment of the Week: Game Defends His Ex-Fiancée

If there was ever a more bolder moment of loyalty, it has to be what we saw last weekend with The Game. There was something sort of poetic and wrong all mixed at the same time about him going to such drastic measures as to threaten the media, of all people, about what's being said about the woman he once called fiancee. Even when the world is laughing or scratching their heads in fear of this all being a big hoax, Game still manages to put on his "Game" face (pun intended). That's bold. Bold enough to be considered the biggest moment of the week.


"Just in case you blogs think I cancelled wedding on some kool sh*t.. I didn't.. She did cuz of my web of lies, cheating & lack of presence.," he tweeted Friday.
"Next person in entertainment to say or write some sideways sh*t about the mother of my two younger children... I'm just gone pay the lawsuit" (Game's Twitter)

All jokes aside, I really want to believe Game is being mad sincere and honest right here. I know what it's like to be with a woman and people saying messed up stuff about her. OK, so maybe I don't, but for him to go as far as to take it beyond "bloggers" and just go at the "next person in entertainment" is wild. Applaud him for at least being man enough to protect ol' girl's image (for what it's worth).

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Desana Moses

If I had it my way, there would be a Mrs. Butterworth featured on SOHH daily. Actually, I take that back. It would be hourly. When I took over Pulse Report a few years ago, it took me a while before I could convince the powers that be about how much of a bigger look it would be to have a little bit more light shined on those hard-working video vixens. And eh, don't think these are just women showing off some skin to get in, I'm proud to say some Mrs. Butterworth alumni include Amber Rose who has gone on to become Wiz Khalifa's fiancée, Rosa Acosta who is retiring from modeling to pursue acting and even Nicki Minaj whose accomplishments are self-explanatory. Bottom line? It's all about the "bottom" line. With that said, I introduce y'all to the one and only Desana Moses.




Desana's videos are a bit too NSFW even for me to post in here. So for all of y'all interested, have some fun. LOL.

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

We always reach the end of Pulse Report and it's five particular people, not necessarily RAPPERS, that did/said something that made them easy targets. Even to this day, I do not understand why more people ignore the "NO COMMENT" opportunity. There's really nothing wrong with saying that you have nothing to say. But instead, we're left with the silly of silly. How silly? Well, look at Ice-T. Just when the media had gotten over his "Cop Killer," he tries to make some complicated stand toward gun rights. DOGGY, you cannot say those things right after a horrible Colorado massacre. Why do you think that movie Collateral was pushed back after 9/11? Then you have Lupe Fiasco who just had to say something other than, "It's cool," about "Birthday Song." We hear what you're saying, but most people think you're crazy already so saying 99 percent of music out there sounds the same? Ehhhhhh. Not a good look. 5-0 Cent ignoring the fact Drake and Nicki Minaj held down Lil Wayne during his bid behind bars (Drake even went platinum)? Yeahhhh, Young Money sure did struggled without Weezy there. Killer Mike, why make weed remarks when you could have just said you think President Obama would win and leave it at that? LOL. Lastly, DMX......I can't even type what he said. LOL.

1. Ice-T


Speaking with Channel 4 London's Krishnan Guru-Murthy in the hours after the Colorado news broke, the self-described "Godfather of Gangsta Rap" vehemently denied a connection between gun rights and the Aurora murders. "It's legal in the United States," the rapper said. "The right to bear arms is because that's the last form of defense against tyranny. Not to hunt. It's to protect yourself from the police." "And do you see any link between that and this sort of instance?" Guru-Murthy challenged. "No. Not really," Ice-T responded. "If somebody wants to kill people, they don't need a gun to do it." "Makes it easier though, doesn't it?" the host pushed back. "Not really. You can strap explosives on your body. They do that all the time."

2. Lupe Fiasco

"Eh, eh," Fiasco told radio host Jenny Boom Boom when asked for his reaction to "Birthday Song." "[You weren't feeling it?] Eh, you know, for me, for me, hip-hop I want, and we were saying this earlier, I want to hear stuff that I haven't heard before. So like 99 percent of the hip-hop that I hear these days is just the same. And it just kind of gets like, 'What am I listening to it for?' And for me, that's just keeping it 100. It might be good; the beat is dope, lyrics might be whatever, technical things. But at the end of the day, it's like, 'Why am I listening to this?'"

3. 5-0 Cent

"I think it's good, I think we're in a good state now," Fif said when asked for his take on the current status of New York hip-hop. "I just think a lot of the artists are hovering under the older crews that worked already when they should be creating their new crew. ... Of course you need one person that's really a spearhead, when one break, the rest of them get a shot. Without [Lil] Wayne, there's no Young Money. Once one artist gets over the wall, that brand is cool. Wiz [Khalifa,] you see he's got a group of artists around him now. It really takes one artist to come in and have that song take off and then have that ability to continue to create that material."

4. Killer Mike

Killer Mikeblue-ivy-weed-2012-01-16-300x300.png

"I am really hoping that on a federal level he decriminalizes marijuana not only so people can smoke, but so they can be industry. I know he is going to win. He is going to be a two-term president. I don't have any questions about that. I just hope he does right by the people that believe in him."

5. DMX


That didn't take long ... just days after DMX flipped his ATV and was hospitalized, he returned to the scene of the crash to finish what he started ... by popping some wheelies -- and TMZ got it all on tape. X tells TMZ ... he felt COMPELLED to get back on his 4-wheeler just 4 days after he was released from the hospital ... despite suffering a major concussion and numerous stitches from his last ride. X says, "S**t happens, you know what I mean. Hopefully it don't happen again ... but I am a Ruff Ryder." It's clear from the footage (taken in front of X's South Carolina pad) ... X isn't scared to take that first joy-ride, saying "You gotta get back on that mother f-er ... try it again." Fun Fact: X was riding with the stitches on his melon still intact ... those won't be removed until July 21.

***WEEKEND TIME! Yeah, I know, there wasn't really anything big going down this week other than the ten times we all went to go see the Dark Knight Rises! Doggies, that movie was INCREDIBLE. If you haven't seen it, treat yourself and a few buddies. Non-stop action! But if y'all aren't into the movie scene this weekend, then be on the lookout for the beating that the Yankees are going to serve up onto the Red Sox! Three-game sweep, y'all heard it hear first! Now if they sweep us? LOL...nah, never that! Aight y'all, I'll catch you guys and gals on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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