Pulse Report: Nas Told Kelis He Had Another Girl's Milkshake, 40 Glocc Dismantles Game After Wedding Disaster, Drake's Hidden Castle Discovered

Friday, Jul 20, 2012 12:50PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we find out Nas really cheated on Kelis during their mid-2000's marriage, laugh at 40 Glocc smiling over Game's failed wedding plans, uncover Drake's $7.7 million mansion and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Hey Nas

Who would have known that after all this time, it was really Nas that got some side loving while hooked up with Kelis. Really? Say what y'all want, I know there's been speculation for the past few years on whether Nas was the one who pulled the trigger or if Kelis is really the one that got all sex-crazed and wasn't satisfied with the "Lil' Homie" and his loving. LOL. I can't lie, from a male's perspective, I can't really see Nas being in a relationship. It's nothing personal but any Nas fan knows he's never consistent. Didn't Jay-Z say, "Is 'Oochie Wally' or is it 'One Mic' is a black girl lost or does shorty owe you for ice?" I never felt like Nas could really make up his mind and stay committed to it. But before we dig too deep into those inconsistencies, let's just set the record straight with Nasty:

Nas admitted in an interview with VH1 that he cheated on Kelis and he's learned from that mistake. When asked about the lessons he came away with after the couple's high-profile divorce, he revealed that infidelity was his biggest misstep. "The biggest lesson I learned is respect...trust...no infidelity," Nas said. "I, at some point, got pissed off during the relationship and strayed. And I wouldn't do that again. I would be all good." And did he tell Kelis that he'd do it differently? "Yea. I told her. I told her that. I apologized," he said. "She apologized and we just move on. We live and we move on." (Hip Hop Blog)

^ He says he wouldn't stray again, see? LOL. You see what I mean? Nas is infamous for making those types of proclamations. And just to prove my point? Let's compare a few of Nas' biggest contradictions. Y'all ready?

Nas & The Kobe Bryant Factor

Long known for his trenchant social commentary, Nas has incorporated sports in his lyrics in the past. In the 2004 song "These Are Our Heroes," he blasted athletes like Kobe Bryant and O.J. Simpson for setting poor examples for America's youth. But eight years after likening Bryant to LeVar Burton's slave character in Roots and mocking his lost sponsorships in the wake of his rape charges, Nas says he's softened his stance. "He's a warrior, he's a survivor. I got love for Kobe. We both share similar s---," said the rapper, who laughingly cited the high-profile divorces both men endured since the song's release. (Sports Illustrated)

Nas & The It Was Written Factor

Nas's sophomore album, It Was Written, was released in 1996, selling more than a million copies. Again, Nas worked with several hip-hop producers, including top selling Dr. Dre. With this album, however, Nas faced criticism that the songs were amoral, contained rough language, and included episodes of violence. Critics were also frustrated by the album's contradictions. The hit single "If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)," for example, depicts paradise as a "better livin' type of place to raise our kids in." However, this world is also one in which cocaine comes uncut, allowing higher profits on the drug. In a Rolling Stone review, Mark Coleman commented that Nas "possesses a phenomenal way with words and some savvy musical sense." Coleman continued, "It's a pity he doesn't put his verbal dexterity and powers of observation to better use....When Nas finally aligns his mind with his mouth, he'll truly be dangerous." (Answers)

Nas & The Jay-Z Factor

"You hear sayings when you're younger, like "never say never" and things like that, but you think they're just sayings, you're too young to really comprehend. But even in the midst of everything that we was going through as far as battle, there was a deep respect there. To go at someone like that, you have to have respect for them. [Otherwise] you wouldn't care, you'd just brush it off like it ain't about nothing. At the time I was like "never," but you grow and then realize: Never say never. It's bigger than both of us, like you said. It's more about the culture and about showing people another way, because what we staged was something that stopped the world for a second." (Global Grind)

^ In other words, Nas is never a sure bet. One can only imagine what love interest he will find himself locking lips with.

2. Karma

I know this isn't exactly payback or really anything more than karma when you look at 40 Glocc laughing and boasting about Game having his wedding called off a week before it all went down. I still have a hard time thinking that getting beatdown the way he did and Game simply "not" getting married really does not equal out. LOL. So we went from Game proposing to Tiffany Cambridge a year ago to him getting cold feet at the last minute? I'm going to save you the trouble of seeing Game make us excuses, you can just read that on SOHH, but peep what 40 Glocc served up after the news went public! LOL!


"D*MN.... I was about To make HeadLines, & Show up a that F*gget Wedding, & Give Him a Proper Dose Of the Real Shit Shit. #TheWeddingCrasher
"I'm Still about To Yell, 'CHECK MATE!'." I was gone yell it at the @thegame WEDDING showin up in a tux to FIGHT but that's cancelled"

^ LOL!!! Still having a hard time taking 40's tweets serious. You read things like this and the first thought in your head is, "Does 5-0 Cent really mess with this guy? Is he really about that G-Unit loyalty?" SMH. You really have no business talking "too" heavily when this is what most people remember you as:

Sounds like funny talk, but then when there's footage of you literally in the bushes? Nah, there's not too much more you can do but than to get away from any and all things gang-related. While I'm at it, all things GAME-RELATED! LOL!

3. Moment of the Week: Drake's Hidden Castle

There's no question to what the biggest moment of the week was. Hands-down it's gotta be the fact Drake "quietly" copped a mansion for $7.7 million and didn't think anything of it. Oh, did I happen to mention that the place is NOT located in his hometown Toronto or even his favorite hang-out spot, Miami? Nah, he went to the other side of the coast and got himself a magical castle-type place in California. SMH. It wasn't bad enough that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were out there, now he's kicking his feet up in Hollywood too? Just realize how decked out this place is:


This beautiful estate features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and is more than 7,444 square feet. The home features a multi-million dollar pool that boasts cascading waterfalls, an 80-foot water slide and a grotto (watch out, Hugh Hefner). Other exterior features include a tennis court, five horse stall facilities with riding area (remember he said "my aunt, she rode equestrian," so that clearly makes sense), a sand volleyball court, commercial bathrooms, a mechanical bull and viewing pavilions to name a few. Oh, and if you think that mechanical bull is random, it's really not. The property was developed by Larry Pollack, owner of the famed Saddle Ranch Chop Houses. Now you get it. (E! Online)
The interior features include 24-seat theater, game room, spa/massage room, master suite with his/hers bathrooms, and a spectacular wine cellar/tasting room. Pollack purchased the land in 2003 and spent four years constructing this impressive compound that originally hit the market in 2009 with a $27 million asking price. Think this is too much house for Drake? Well, you know what he'd say to that: YOLO! (E! Online)

^ Not even my apartment building has nine bathrooms in it! LOL! Let's just realize that even though Drake doesn't even come close to that Top 5 Forbes list (Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Birdman), he's balling like it's nothing. You can't knock this special moment of the week.

You always figured Drake had a pretty nice bank account but enough paper to just buy a gigantic place in Cali? That's just so cold. So, so, so cold!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Daphne Joy

I don't know if all of y'all are old enough to remember the song that Timbaland and Magoo had back in the day called "Joy." Well, technically, it was Ginuwine who sang the record but featured on Timbaland and Magoo's Welcome to Our World album back in 1997. That song really used to bring me joy. No pun intended. Something about being a youngster, wanting a couple girls on each arm and a whip to drive to paradise in? You couldn't tell me nothin' like Yeezy would say. Well, turns out I came across this record earlier in the week and took it as a sign. I hopped on Google and just started searching for "Joy" "Model" "Hip Hop" and what do you know? Daphne Joy. It's a pleasure, really, to put y'all up on this little lady. Filipino and Puerto Rican? SMH. Fall in love or just appreciate the Joy. Pun intended.




And what would a Mrs. Butterworth section be without some moving visuals, right?

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

I know, "Rappers Say The Darndest Things" isn't exactly the most catchiest thing I could come up with, but y'all have to cut me some slack. I've been saying "doggy" in my everyday speech since 2006, so it's gonna take some getting readjusted to. LOL. What a wild past seven days. I really wish the best for Yelawolf but continuing to throw shots at Interscope Records? No bueno. I hate to show any support to George Zimmerman under any circumstance but molesting a kid when he's a kid? Is that even really considered molestation? SMH. That's like saying he had sex with a minor when she was 14 and he was 15. C'mon! Soulja Boy, I always thought this guy had a lot of sense but saying you want to sell a million albums in one week? SMH. Still, in 2012-2013? Usher can't even sell 200,000 in a week anymore. LOL. Fred the Godson, fellow Bronx Bomber, co-signing those slavery kicks? LOL. Nahhhh. And last but not least, Mysonne's explanation for going off on Frank Ocean? Really, Mysonnne? REALLY!? LOL!

1. Yelawolf

"My advice to other artists is um you don't really f*cking need a label anymore, you don't need a major label, you don't need none of that sh*t," he explained. "If they're not absolutely working as a promotional company, as an engine to promote your music every single f*cking day -- when you sign a contract, you better be d*mn sure they have obligations to work your sh*t. A lot of nonsense comes with it. I wish I could say that I'm happy with my situation but I'm not. I'm just putting it out there, I mean f*ck, that's my job. It's my life, it's my job. I don't have anything personally against Interscope or anyone up there, but my situation is not what it's supposed to be. That's for sure. When you join a label, you really shouldn't be joining them to create a career. You should only be joining a label to better your situation. That way, whether they do something or not, you're still in the same boat. You're not really affected by them not working, you're only helped if they do work. And that's the kind of situation I'm in."

2. George Zimmerman Accuser

An Orlando woman now in her mid-20s told investigators that George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin, molested her over a decade, beginning when they were both young children, according to an audio tape released on Monday. The woman, whose parents were close to the Zimmerman family, talked to investigators on March 20. Identified only as Witness 9, she said she had come forward now, a decade after her last encounter with Mr. Zimmerman, 28, because, after his arrest, she was no longer afraid of him. The witness said that Mr. Zimmerman, who is about two years older than she is, first molested her when she was 6. She was staying in the Zimmermans' Virginia home while her mother and father were moving from Louisiana to Orlando, Fla. The woman said Mr. Zimmerman had groped her with his hands while they lay under a blanket as they watched television with a group of children. Other groping episodes followed, she said. She visited the family "at least once a year" and she was molested during some of those visits, she said, including once behind a curtain when she was 7 or 8 and another time on a bunk bed when she was around 12.

3. Soulja Boy Tell Em

"I'm looking to drop it this winter," Soulja Boy said when asked about the upcoming album release date. "It's called Promise, my fourth solo album from Interscope Records. I've been in the studio, me and Waka [Flocka Flame] have been in the studio, me and Game, me and Detail, you know what I'm saying? Me and DJ Khaled got a joint. Me and Busta Rhymes got a joint. ... This album is going to sound like a whole new Soulja Boy. Crazy beats, crazy lyrics. Growth and maturity in my music. It just is what it is. ... Just really, I want to do an album that goes platinum in the first week."

4. Fred the Godson

"I ain't gonna lie man, those joints are hot," Fred said in an interview. "But I can understand what they're saying but I'm hoping that they ain't do that on purpose. I'm not thinking that nobody would do that on purpose. I'm trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. So I'm just gonna judge the sneaker. I like the sneaker, but, I mean, it does look like it though. [laughs] ... You know us black people don't play, man. We look for anything -- they made these sneakers, so these sneakers are somewhere. I ain't gonna put 'em on. [laughs] N*ggas probably get jumped. [Would I wear them?] I would wear them because I don't believe they really did that to disrespect us. It's just that some people get the wrong idea."

5. Mysonne

"Well basically what I said was I felt that he made a cowardish move. When you come into this industry, we're all faced with dilemmas and we're all faced with choices and I think when you take a choice to deceive a fan base based on whatever it is, whatever it is that you represent -- don't wait until you get a fan base following you because they think you represent something else and then say, 'Oh, by the way, I just happen to be bisexual or gay. Especially as an R&B artist. I felt that the timing, also, made it real suspect to me. ... It had nothing to do with your sexuality. If a homosexual had made the same statement and had came out and he had fooled every gay person to following him and said, 'You know what? I'm straight now.' I just think it's deceit and I just think it's cowardish and I think for us not to acknowledge what it is -- gives off the wrong sense of what we stand for."

***Another week down and those "doggy" references are still on the steady decline. I see some jokesters in the comments section, before you start wagging your tails, just realize the expression "doggy" will never die! LOL. Just ask Killa! In the meantime though, it's almost hoody season out here. One day it's 100-plus degrees and the next it's chilly. Rain, sleet or storm, nothing is stopping that Dark Knight Rises! Hope y'all get in there earrrrrrrrrly, those seats are getting swallowed up with the first-come, first-serve policy! LOL. I'll catch y'all on Tuesday, it's gonna be a blockbuster flick weekend, make sure to be a part of the wave! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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