Guest Star: "As A Single Mom I Had Reached A Place Where I Had To Choose Between Pampers & Studio Time"

Monday, Jul 23, 2012 3:00PM

Written by SOHH for Persia

[With a long-awaited mixtape finally available, former VH1 "The (White) Rapper Show" reality show contestant Persia gives SOHH readers the scoop behind The Truth.]

In the last days of December 2010, the person that had been helping me with my career decided they had a different vision for me and basically just walked away. Leaving me with nowhere to record, really no resources to pursue music at all.

I remember sitting on the [New York City] A-Train crying thinking there was no way my dream was going to become a reality now. Then the owner of Developmental Sound Lab in Brooklyn reached out and told me if I needed a place to record, I had to come with him.

As a single mom I had reached a place where I had to choose between pampers and studio time, so this offer was a God sent.

After having someone walk away from your dream after promising to help see it through, you come in contact with emotions you never knew you had. I was at my most vulnerable point in my life, my heart felt exposed as if it were an open wound.

I decided that wound is what I needed to to put on the tape. So I scrapped the entire tape I had recorded & started new on The Truth.

I put those emotions on this tape - I put my soul on every beat and gave the world me, no red bottoms, no lip gloss. Just a girl from Queens.

Check out the new mixtape below:

Persia is most known for her stint on Egotrip's "The (White) Rapper Show" which ran from January to February of 2007. The show featured 10 Caucasian rappers competing for a $100,000 grand prize. After making it to the sixth episode before elimination, Persia took her experience and began her own venture into the music business by releasing multiple records.

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