5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Acropolis Summer MMXII: "Anywhere You're Rockin' Acropolis You're Gonna Turn Heads... The Quality & Detail Speaks For Itself."

Thursday, Jul 12, 2012 12:15AM

Written by Written by Cyrus for Michael Pino

[As mid-summer slowly approaches, Acropolis founder Michael Pino gives SOHH readers five reasons to stay fresh with his clothing line's new summer 2012 collection.]

1. Summer Specials

Our new collection offers up an array of well thought out graphics, dope looks and color ways made for the summer! The collection is entitled the, Age of Enlightenment, and the theme is carried out well throughout the line. With brand new shirts, tanks, snapbacks and fitted [hats] we keep you fresh for the summer.

2. Rock Out Anywhere

Anywhere you're rockin' Acropolis you're gonna turn heads. Our tanks are perfect for summer days at the beach. [You can] rock that custom pocket piece at the club, [and] throw on a fresh tee and snap for a movie premier with your lady. Or, [you can] keep it classic and clean with one of our fitteds.

3. The Age of Enlightenment

Without a doubt [our most popular summer item out is] our custom pocket piece and namesake to the summer collection, the Age of Enlightenment. Everyone's doing custom-pattern print pockets, so we decided to take it a step further by featuring an image as the pocket graphic. The response has been crazy! The shirts are selling out quick, and we have a few tanks left as well. Our ACRPLS patch snapbacks have also been killing [it]. With the printed under bill, custom taping and satin lining, the quality and detail speaks for itself.

4. No Paid Cosigns

We don't have any sponsorship deals or pay for any product placement but still have been featured in numerous artists videos. Detroit MC, Scolla has sported Acropolis in a few of his joints, and there should be some Acropolis sightings King Mez's upcoming videos dropping soon.

5. We About To Blow Up

There [are a multitude of reasons [to buy Acropolis over the mainstreams] i.e. individuality, exclusivity, uniqueness, quality and so on. Ecko's a giant in the game and Acropolis is still gaining visibility in the industry, so people who get down now can know they were part of something special before the brand blew up. If you're looking for new clothing that is high quality with well, thought out designs, and something no one else is gonna be wearing then Acropolis is for you!

You Decide. Will you purchase some Acropolis summer gear?

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