5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: 9Five Eyewear: "We've Got Rosa Acosta, Stevie Williams, Josh Kalis, Who Are Iconic Figures"

Monday, Jul 9, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Mike Metcalf

[With the heat waves spreading nationwide, 9Five Eyewear co-founder/creator Mike Metcalf gives SOHH readers five reasons you should stunt on the sun with his shades.]

1. No Lie

I think our main focus has been to segregate ourselves from the other eyewear brands and it's not because we saw that as an opportunity in the market. It's because we actually come from that market that we kind of push from our foundation which is straight skateboarding and hip-hop music. We've kind of branded ourselves with that as a foundation. Like I said, it's not because we're like, "Oh sh*t, nobody's doing that. Let's jump on it." It's because myself and my partners grew up with an interest in that and we still skateboard today and share music. That's what we base our relationships on. We just took that influence and put it into eyewear. We've incorporated that into the brand.

2. Pride & Joy

I think anyone can see the way we're approaching the market and the people we have endorsing the brand. We've got Rosa Acosta, Steve Williams, Josh Kalis who are iconic figures and have been hand selected. They've been hand selected because of the way they represent their lifestyle. It kind of coincides with what we want to represent with our brand. The things we're putting into the style and entire aesthetic in general are really represented by those people. You'll see that in the fall because we're doing a special collaborative shade for 2 Chainz and we're also doing a project with The Alchemist. We have a collaborative shade coming out with LRG whose never done any collaboration with any eyewear brand in their history. We're kind of real excited about those opportunities coming our ways now. I think people who may not know of us or be familiar will recognize these people working with our brand and the projects we're doing.

3. Amen

The quality of our product is high. It's premium, handmade products. The design and everything that goes into it is a completely unique approach. Although the price point is below our competition, the quality exceeds our competition.

4. The Motto

I think another unique focal point of our brand is our distribution stands out. We're in a lot of stores that don't sell eyewear and have never sold eyewear. They picked up 9Five because it was something that made sense in their store for the first time as an eyewear brand. If you go to your typical streetwear boutique that sells the LRGs, it doesn't really make sense for them to have Oakley and other brands in their stores. So we've opened up a lane for a lot of stores to carry eyewear for the very first time. It's something which speaks to their customers. When you're going to find 9Five, you can find it in the premier boutiques and the doper skate shops around the world. We're very selective with the retailers we work with.

5. Thank Me Later

I think 9Five is something our customers, who have tried it, have become a regular and routine customer with us. I think we are speaking to that different demographic that eyewear has never reached out to. It's something you can feel good and be proud of representing as an eyewear. I think the brand speaks to you in ways the others haven't.

You Decide. Will you get your hands on a pair of 9Five shades?

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