5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: TRUKFIT: "It's A Lil Wayne Clothing Line. What Else Could You Ask For?"

Monday, Jun 4, 2012 11:40AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Mike Morris

[As Lil Wayne's Trukfit clothing line making its Macy's debut, and gears up for its L.A. launch, Mike Morris, brand manager for TRUKFIT, is here to give you the 5 Reasons you need to cop Tunechi's durable, stylish, street-ready apparel. Check Greg Watermann's vivid photography to see why you need to be at every Macy's store purchasing the latest in TRUKFIT. ]

1. Penthouse to the Street

The number one reason is it's a Lil Wayne clothing line. What else could you ask for? You can pair it with a blazer, a cardigan [or] layer it up underneath a Henley and great pair of shoes. Just think about it, Wayne goes from meetings to studios to skate parks and arenas and [will] still be at home with his family. So he wouldn't sell you anything that you wouldn't be able to roll out with and look cool wearing.

2. Rare Aquis

There's nothing else out in the market that's like it. If you look at streetwear, [it's] either too big, too ugly, too cheap, or cheaply made, and for that reason, super expensive. So basically, TRUKFIT is well-made, well-tailored and draws inspiration from many areas of life. It's affordable, available at legitimate retailers across the nation, and in cool boutiques as well.

3. Many Flavors

In TRUKFIT, there's something for everyone. We have so many different designs and graphics and fonts. We have the men's [line], where we're offering tees and hats, the women's [line], where we're offering tees at the present moment, and we're expanding into [clothing] for kids and juniors as well.

4. Celebrity Love

All the celebrities love us! [We] have a good deal of relationships with celebrities. Anywhere from pro skaters to P-Rod, Fred Durst, Mystikal, Corey Gunz, Jonathan Cook from Forever the Sickest Kids, they've all worn TRUKFIT. I mean you name it, people that are on the rise, like young hip-hop artists, have worn and stunted with it on. James Franco, the actor, has also requested TRUKFIT!

5. Numbers Don't Lie

This is factual: 99% of the rappers that have clothing lines have either failed or never made it to the stores. But with TRUKFIT, we keep going and we're selling really well. That speaks to our quality, our vision and the swag of TRUKFIT.

You Decide. Will you be at Macy's supporting Weezy's clothing line?

To purchase TRUKFIT, just click here.


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