5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Smith & Brandon: "You Don't See Too Many Brands Doing What Smith & Brandon Is Doing... We're Just Trying To Clean Up The Streets."

Friday, Jun 29, 2012 3:00PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Drake Smith

[Using the motto, "Where the flyer class meets," Smith & Brandon's Summer 2012 collection brings luxury to the streets--but it's not intended for everybody. Focused on quality, not quantity, the street-luxury lifestyle brand is ready to take true fashion back the streets. If you're still looking for that summer wardrobe, S&B is probably right up your alley. Check out CEO, Drake Smith's top five reasons to buy Smith & Brandon.]

1. Exclusive Quality

The brand is a brand of quality, and I feel that's more important than the quantity. I would rather put out quality pieces [of clothing], and keep it limited and exclusive so you really won't see everybody wearing it. [Here] people can feel like they're part of the exclusiveness.

2. Sophistication Meets The Streets

It's a lifestyle brand, and people should want to be a part of a lifestyle that they wanna live. They can live their lifestyle through our clothing, and they can live their own lifestyle. The brand represents a street-luxury lifestyle, and I say [that] because we're from the streets but we have a sophistication about ourselves. And we just want the finer things in life like anybody else wants. [With this brand], I'm showing that luxury can be attained by many a people instead of just a select few.

3. Exclusively Inclusive Prices

Affordability is the 3rd reason people should buy Smith & Brandon. It's quality [clothing], and we're not charging an arm and a leg for a Polo or a pair of glasses or a T-shirt. We're making [our brand] affordable for everybody--every race, every demographic, every class.

4. Street Cleaning

You really don't see too many brands doing what Smith & Brandon is doing. We're just trying to clean up the streets and have people looking [stylish]. It's a brand you can find your own personal style to...I'm not telling you to wear a Polo with this or wear your T-shirt with this. I just want you to feel comfortable with the brand name.

5. Simple Flavor

The flavor of Smith & Brandon is keeping it simple. That's the 5th reason [to buy]--simplicity. You don't have to go out there and buy some shoes to match one of our garments; you probably already have some gear to go with our garments in the closet. We're just bringing real simplicity back. Not too many graphics, just quality graphics and [various] color ways that make our brand different.

You Decide. Will you purchase part of the street-luxury lifestyle?

To purchase Smith & Brandon, just click here.

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