5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Popular Demand: "We Work W/ So Many Different Artists That Come Through Here - It's Really About Being Inclusive Instead Of Being Exclusive."

Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 2:30AM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for Blake Ricciardi

[With just six months in the game, Popular Demand already has hip-hop fashion on lock, with artists such as Tyga, Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber rocking their line. The Wire's Tristan Wilds has even been caught on camera with the L.A.-based apparel's threads. From Hollywood to The Valley, Los Angeles is going crazy for the latest West Coast designer. Want to lose your mind too? Check out owner, Blake Ricciardi's 5 Reasons to cop Popular Demand.]

1. Free Spirited

Everything comes from our pseudo logo, that cheetah flag that we have [which] represents the spirit of the brand itself. We talk a lot about rebellious leadership, which is basically--in our mind--being a leader in your own way; being a leader in the way that you want to do it.

2. L.A Made & Inspired

It's refreshing to live in L.A. and see all the people that are working out here who really don't have to wear a suit and tie anymore to be somebody successful out there. [Now], you can do it in a totally different way. We meet so many creative people here in Los Angeles, that we use this motto a lot: inspired by, and created in Los Angeles. And that's really what it is. The aesthetic of this brand and everything that goes on with it really is rooted in L.A.

3. All Inclusive

A lot of the artists on our site are L.A. based. We really want to show some love to the people that are out here. We have a big collaboration coming out with Soulja Boy in the next few weeks, and we were just in [some] videos with Problem--he's wearing all of our stuff in his last two videos. So...one is a real established artist at this point and the other one is on his way up, [and] for us that's real important. That's [also] what inspires the brand. We work with so many different artists that come through here - it's really about being inclusive instead of being exclusive.

4. Artists Love Us

In the short, six months that we've been out, there've been plenty of people that have worn the brand. Tyga wore it in the "Faded" video, Sean Kingston rocks our stuff all the time, Murs, Problem, The Cataracs ... Justin Bieber's DJ was just in here last night, and [we were talking about] what Justin can wear while he's out on the road. So I don't know if it's a reason to wear the clothes, but obviously it's reason for [some] because they look to hip-hop artists for inspiration for style.

5. Celebrity Styled & Customized

We're partnering with M&A for a custom line--they're stylists for Justin Bieber, for J. Cole, for Game--and we're developing the custom portion of our line [with them]. We already have a custom, denim vest out right now, but we're going to be doing custom hats, vests and things like that going forward with them. They're super talented, and these are going to be individual pieces that obviously music artists are gonna wear, but in addition to that we'll have limited numbers on our website as well.

You Decide. Will you purchase the clothing L.A. is going crazy over?

To purchase Popular Demand, just click here.

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