5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Perdiem Clothing: "The South Beach I-95 Has The LeBron James Logo. He's The King Of South Beach"

Tuesday, Jun 12, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Y-Kause

[With NBA star LeBron James making another return to the NBA Finals beginning tonight, Miami-based Perdiem Clothing founder Y-Kause gives you five reasons to throw down some bucks on his street gear.]

1. The People's Champ

It's for the people. It's for the sneaker heads, it's for the streets. It's for the people that want to match their clothes with shoes, whether it's Retro Jordans or New Balances. Whatever shoe is out, that's what I'm trying to accomodate. Whatever shoe is coming out, I'm going to make a shirt to go with that shoe. It's exclusive, so I'm only going to make 30 or 40 and then after that, once it sells out, nobody else is going to have it. The sneaker game is not like any other game out there. Nike and these other corporations have turned it into some kind of corporate beast where they're not feeding enough of the streets. They don't give them enough so they have to make the shoes exclusive. It's crazy because they have the money to give everybody what they want but don't do it. The South Beach I-95 has the LeBron James logo. He's the king of South Beach right now. It has the South Beach colors. I-95 is South Beach all the way to New York. It fits perfect.

2. I(ndependent)-95

It's independent. I run it. I make the designs. I get the printing. I do all of the foot work. I run the website. People can talk to me and when they do, they're not talking to somebody who works for a company. You know when you talk to a lot of "big name" brands, you're not going to be able to talk to the person who runs it. I'm hands-on. The more people that wear my brand, the better it makes me feel. You walk around in New York, New Jersey, California, Alabama, they're wearing your clothes. You made it. There's no better feeling in the world than seeing people wearing your own clothes.

3. Area Codes

I didn't grow up in Miami, so I can't give all the credit to Miami. I grew up in New York, Indiana, but Miami is basically where I got my hustle. I took what I learned in the streets, flipped it and turned it into something legal. I'm making it work for me. Books can teach you things but street knowledge can teach you a lot. I can remember when I first moved to Miami. I seen people with dreads, gold teeth, dirty [t-shirts] and dirty shoes. I was trying to figure out, "How you got $600 in your mouth and your whole clothes game is f*cked up?" It's changed a lot. When you go to New York, it's like a Mecca of fashion. When you come down here, it's like they can only get what [is available.] You go to a shoe store in New York and you won't find the colors you find in Florida. So they deal with whatever they've got. A lot of people don't have the Internet and a lot of people in the street don't know how to work a computer. I get my motivation from everywhere.

4. It's Gettin' Hot In Herrre

I think the hottest item is always what's the newest thing coming out. The next design I'm working on is the Olympic 7's, which is Jordans and me taking motivation from the streets. I put that into my designs and if it pops off, then you get it printed. If the people want it, that's what you do. Feed the streets.

5. The Future Is Now

I think people can check out the line because it's for them, not me. Anything that's hot in the streets, I'm going to have it on my site. Whether it's shoes, accessories, bracelet, necklace. A lot of people don't have them. Whatever is popping on the street, I'm going to try and have it on my website for the people. It's all about building a brand. It started with t-shirts but it's going to go into other things.

You Decide. Will you purchase Perdiem Clothing?

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