News: Nas Says Destiny Changed His Style Up, "I Didn't Think I Could Write Anymore" [Video]

Thursday, Jun 14, 2012 3:45PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rap veteran Nas recently credited the birth of his daughter, Destiny Jones, in the 1990's for helping change his musical content and sway away from degrading women.

Nasty Nas said his teenage daughter also forced him to look at his role as a father figure more closely.

"For a minute, when my daughter was born, I didn't think I could write anymore because she's going to hear this stuff from her dad," Nas said. "So I started to make records that I thought she could listen to. I had a record called, 'I Know I Can,' years ago, and that was pretty cool, she liked it. That was my way of trying to get back. ... Her on Twitter, I would hear she's tweeting a lot of things and I saw what she was tweeting and I was like, 'That's not my kid, right there.' She's kind of putting on this thing for the world. She's almost a rapper in her tweets. It's like an act to me. It just wouldn't stop -- people were blogging about it. This song was a way for me to teach her, kind of embarrass her at the same time, bringing myself up for not doing certain things that I should have did." (CNN)

Last year, Nas also hinted at nearly quitting the rap game for Destiny.

"It's crazy, because when she was young, she was a baby, I thought, Aw, man, I'm gonna quit this rap sh*t before she becomes old enough to even know what I'm doing, what I did for a living. I never thought that I'd be still doing it while she's a teen, growing up. And I'm still in the game. It kind of f*cks me up," Nas explained. "It's weird as f*ck sometimes. But then, other times, it's, like, perfect. It's, like, I'm glad it worked out this way. 'Cause then I would have to be telling her, "No, I really was a somebody in rap. Like, you got to believe me!" (XXL Magazine)

Recently, Destiny had to forgive her pops for having the wrong birthday featured on the new "Daughters" music video.

Nas should be happy his daughter has a good sense of humor -- because we're told she absolutely LOVED the music video for the song he made for her birthday ... even though he got her birthdate wrong! The "Daughters" video begins with Destiny Jones' name and birthday -- September 14 -- but that's actually Nas' DOB. The video's been fixed to reflect Destiny's birthday -- June 15 ... and Nas tweeted it was just a mix-up by the editor. Sources close to Destiny (who has a cameo at the end of the video) tell TMZ she and her pops had a laugh over the snafu and she is "head over heels in love with the video." As long as Nas doesn't REALLY forget her birthday, he should be fine. (TMZ)

Mr. Jones also hopped on Twitter to clear up the date confusion a few weeks ago.

"Sorry about the Bday mix up at the start of Daughters video, editor got it wrong. Destiny's Bday is June 15," he tweeted May 27th. (Nas' Twitter)

Check out Nas' interview below:

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