Singled Out: "Nas Is Like My Lil' Brother ... That's My Dude"

Tuesday, Jun 19, 2012 2:00PM


[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Maybach Music Group's Teedra Moses undresses hooking up with Terrace Martin and Snoop Dogg for "We Fly," Freddie Foxxx discusses his track "Turn Up the Mics" and relationship with legendary rapper Nas, who is featured on the track.]

Nas to me is one of the best lyricist to ever to rhyme in the current day.

This track just kinda happened on the humble. We was ridin' and I was like, "Let's go to the crib and do a joint together." So I played the beat ... it was a different beat. What you hearin' is Nas from like '05 or '06. So it was a different time for him, so those lyrics may not be something he would spit right now, but he said what he said with such conviction, that's my joint.

Nas came up with the chorus. Nas is like my lil' brother, man. That's my dude. Nas used to hang out in the studio back in the day when we used to be workin' with Eric B.. He used to be around Eric B. and Rakim and he was a youngster in the studio with us.

He used to see me back in the day in another atmosphere, because he was always around us. But he would be around, just kinda soakin' up knowledge. He was always dope, though and for me to be able to rock with him, it's just a testament to the fact that when you do what you do and stay in your lane, you'll stay around. When you start following trends, things kind of sink.

Nas is one of those guys that knows that. I know that rule. I stay in my lane and I rock to my audience and give hip hop what they ask me for.

When I heard the final version of this song, Premier played it for me ... he made me wait so long ... I was happy to hear it. I was anxious to hear how he flipped it, because when he asked me for the acapella, I had no idea what he was gonna really do in terms of music. I couldn't hear what he was gonna do because I was focused on writing other songs on the album. But I was automatically pleased once I heard it, like "Wow." He brings his own thing to a record, you know what I mean? Cats give up on their music too much. That record right there was done 6 years ago. My vocals and Nas' stayed the same, neither one of us changed anything.

You can't give up on your music, man. A dude like Premiere gives a second life to a record. That's a testament to how strong and how powerful hip hop really is.

Check out "Turn Up The Mics" below:

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