5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Munitio": "Titanium Headpones Are First of A Kind"

Friday, Jun 1, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Robert Benjamin

[With temperatures rising and summer vacation planning in effect, Munitio headphones marketing director Robert Benjamin gives you Five Reasons to get your hands on these must-have headphones this weekend.]

1. Little Dog, Huge Bark

The number one reason you should buy this headphones line is because of its iconic design. These are not your average, everyday earphones. You will really stand out in a crowd because these are striking designs. Later in the year, we're going to launch a very high-end, over-the-top headphones, but we wanted to start with these earphones first because of the sound we wanted to [achieve]. There are a lot of people who don't wear the big over-the-ear headphones and they're hard to travel with. So we wanted to give you something super-compact but make sure the sound is beyond its size.

2. Deep Impact

The second reason is because our headphones have some of the deepest bass in the business. We [use] technology that usually large speaker enclosures have. It creates a deep bass that most other headphones can't match in a small package.

3. Titanic Status

The third reason is because these are built right. They're not made out of plastic. They are an all-metal construction. They are Teflon-reinforced in the cable. We tried to put the top line component in our products and all that we do. When you get the headphones in your hand, you can really feel what they're made of. It doesn't feel like you're holding some piece of plastic. Titanium has never been used on headphones before. We decided to use titanium on some of the headphones because it helped make them look just as good six months later as the day you got them. It really maintains the nice finish.

4. Can't Get Enough

These are accessory-worthy. When you look at Munitio headphones, they actually have premium finishes to them. There's titanium coating and metal construction. These are more like a high-end watch than an electronic device. Our special edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 billets are not meant for actual gameplay but they are meant to entertain that lifestyle. You're going to get an experience you'd likely get in the game and take that on with mobile gaming. You have people with mobile phones and tablets, what do you do when you're not playing Call of Duty? You're really taking these headphones to the open field doing things like making phone calls and lifestyle activities. We're [creating] a lifestyle product based on a game, but still, their sound quality is amazing. We knew their fans would love the product so we wanted to make sure the special edition billets lived up to their expectations.

5. She Will & He Will...Rock These Everywhere

The last reason is because these are endorsement-free. We have fans, celebrities and musicians included, [but] they have our products because they like them. We have a section on our Facebook page called "Spotted" and when you look there, you'll see a lot of people who are very recognizable [rocking our headphones]. We're all about product first and we're not about paying people to go around [toting them].

You Decide. Will you purchase a pair of Munitio headphones?

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