5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Live From The Underground: "I'm Always Gonna Do My Best. It's All Gonna Sound Soulful. It's All Gonna Be Gritty"

Thursday, Jun 7, 2012 12:25AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Big K.R.I.T.

[From the Return of 4Eva to 4Eva N A Day, forever has finally arrived for Big K.R.I.T. as he drops his first major label album, Live From The Underground. This Mississippi boy has everyone from the Third to the West Coast bumping his collaborative hits. But if you're still not sold, check out K.R.I.T.'s 5 Reasons to cop the album.]

1. Consistently Gritty & Passionate

I would hope people now understand that there's always going to be a certain level of consistency with my content [and] my subject matter. I always plan on saying something important in my music, and I'm always going to give my all. Even coming from my mixtapes, Return of 4Eva and 4Eva N A Day, up until my major label album, I'm always gonna do my best. Even from the feature aspect, it's all gonna make sense. It's all gonna sound soulful; it's all gonna be gritty, just coming from the music I made back in the day to now. That was the whole purpose behind Live From The Underground, the title per se, because I really want to convey I have the same hunger and the same passion that I had in the beginning.

2. B.B. King & The Praying Man

B.B. King is on my album. I have a record with him called Praying Man, and it's an amazing record. It was crazy being able to work with him. I actually got to go in the studio and get him on the song, not just email it to him. He actually recorded. I think it's an extremely powerful record based off the content. [There's] three different verses about three different scenarios from three different perspectives. The first perspective is from a slave hanging in a tree, the second perspective is from a slave that jumped off a slave ship and the second perspective is from a slave running from a lynch mob. All three of these individuals are dead but don't know it, and the "praying man" that they're talking about is death coming to take them away from whatever they're going through. I pray that people go out and support and listen to this song, and take something from it.

3. Southern Bass Effect

It's one of my broader projects. Shout out to being able to have Bun B [and] Big Sean on the album, Ludacris, Anthony Hamilton, Melanie Fiona, 8Ball & MJG and 2Chainz as well. It's one of my happier projects compared to all of my other ones. [There's] a lot more energy to me--the bass is crazy, so if you have any kind of sub in your car, any kind of 15s, you're gonna love this album.

4. All-Day Play

I hope you just trust me when I tell you it's a bangin' ass album. It will definitely help you get from point A to point B; I feel like my music is better in the car anyway. If you got a long drive on the road, you're trying to travel from Atlanta to Texas or Atlanta to New York or Atlanta to Cali, you can put my album on rotation over and over again.

5. Support Hip-Hop

Just off the strength of hip-hop, I definitely need everybody's support. It's kind of a new age. As artists, we're out here really being ourselves; it's not like we're trying to sell you an image or anything like that. If you can support hip-hop, I appreciate it.

You Decide. Will you purchase K.R.I.T.'s new album for your stereo?

To get your hands on Live From The Underground, just click here.

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