5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Kidrobot's Untouchables Collection: "We're Trying To Get That Bugs Bunny Money. We Want That For Our Culture"

Friday, Jun 22, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Tramp Daly

[With popular New York-based company Kidrobot and animated comic series "The Untouchables" coming together for a new custom line hip-hop toy collection, President of Starlight Studios & Gangster Chronicles, Tramp Daly, gives rap heads five reasons to check them out.]

1. Children's Story

I would say as far as the value goes, that's the number one priority. This is a part of hip-hop history that you could have for your little man. The toy and the project has probably been in the works for seven years. The idea of doing hip-hop toys has been in the works for a while. I tried to do something with Hasbro back in the day but I always wanted to do this in conjunction with the show. It took time because it was about getting the show done with the animation. So it's been a process for seven years.

2. Louis Vuitton Dons

The second reason is because of the way we made it. It's the authenticity. We paid a lot of attention to detail. We have the Louis Vuitton watch and Louis Vuitton sneakers. I went in hard trying to see how everything worked. As we worked on the toy, we felt like we could keep doing more and more. With hip-hop, you always want more. We wanted to make sure the detailing was really transcendent on what we felt characters would actually rock and what they would rock back in the day. We wanted to add more. We tried to to keep adding as much as we could. We definitely wanted to make sure they represented hip-hop.

3. At The Same D**n Time!

The third reason is because we designed them ourselves. They have art on them and it's hard to find that kind of art. It's like a piece of art in a way. The value goes up once you get them. We went through about ten to fifteen different designs. We looked at the toy having the b-boy stance and different wardrobes.We went all the way down to the stitching, seeing if it was something we wanted or not.

4. Pay & Go

As soon as you get them, you'll have the value go up. Whether they're signed or not, the value will go up. Kidrobot is a flagship store throughout the world and especially in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. They're definitely a flagship store so when you get in there, you know you're co-signed. It's like back in the day when artists went to Def Jam, that was their stamp of approval. I think the toy has to stand on its own merit and so Kidrobot looked at it and said that's what they wanted but I think overall, they love the movement.

5. No Lie

This is like people who got the first Mickey Mouse toy. We feel like we're making a full line of hip-hop-for-kids toys. We're really branding that out, and not just about making a collectible. We have several more toys that we want to bring out. We really want to build something for the kids and the parents through animation. That's one of the main things we're trying to do. We're trying to get that Bugs Bunny money. We want to have that for our culture.

You Decide. Will you purchase The Untouchables collection?

To preview/purchase the toy series, just click here.

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