Singled Out: "It's Something Organic. I Always Wanted To Work W/ Snoop Dogg"

Tuesday, Jun 19, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Teedra Moses

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Bobby V looked into his "Mirror" last week, Maybach Music Group's Teedra Moses undresses hooking up with Terrace Martin and Snoop Dogg for "We Fly." ]

Terrace Martin and I have worked a lot in the past, and we travel in some of the same circles. I gig a lot as far as playing with musicians; he's a musician that used to gig a lot before he became an artist.

We ran into one another on that circuit and started working together as artist-producer. Then we started working for artist-to-artist collaborations. He's always been associated with Snoop Dogg and I've always wanted to work with Snoop Dogg.

I think Snoop Dogg is an amazing person, and so when Terrace told me about the record and the concept, he brought me Snoop Dogg's verse and his verse. He was thinking about putting another guy on it and I didn't know whose record it was for.

He's worked with Snoop for years so I didn't know if it was Snoop's or his. So I just felt like it was a really great record for me to try out my writing style and as well as my singing style. As my music progresses and matures, I really like a unique and sophisticated sound that sounds classic for each time period.

If you were to play a record of mine, I'd like it to be something you could have put on ten years ago or ten years from now and it wouldn't disturb any groove in what's going on in the music. I felt like the record Terrace sent me was perfect for that.

When he sent me the record, it was called "We Hot." I ended up writing this whole scenario from what he wrote in his verse and Snoop Dogg wrote and I ended up singing in the hook, "We fly high as f*ck." So he changed the record to "We Fly."

It was a really easy collaboration and it's something that was organic. I always wanted to work with Snoop Dogg. The West Coast is an area that's bubbling and has an about-to-blow capacity. So I like working with the artists that are on the underground level as well as the ones that are established. There's something going on in Los Angeles right now that's like monumental music.

It's a really classy record that represents Snoop Dogg, myself and what Terrace does really well.

Teedra Moses was born and raised in New Orleans, and relocated to California with her mother following her parents' divorce. Exposed to gospel early (her mother had once been active on the Southern church revival circuit), Moses brought a little bit of that fervor to her own vocal style when she began singing professionally. Working with producer Pauli Pol, Moses released a single, Be Your Girl, on TVT Records late in 2003, following it with another, You'll Never Find (A Better Woman), early in 2004. A gifted songwriter with a sweet and sultry voice, Moses mixed a light gospel touch with timely hip-hop-inflected neo-soul on her debut album, Complex Simplicity, released in 2004, again on TVT Records.

Check out "We Fly" below:

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