Guest Star: "I Ended Up Hanging Out W/ Frank Ocean, Miguel & Dom Kennedy"

Tuesday, Jun 5, 2012 11:16PM

Written by SOHH for Troy NoKA

[With his new Free Dreaming mixtape currently catching a viral buzz and making noise for clocking in time with Dom Kennedy as of late, rapper/producer Troy NoKA opens up on his seemingly overnight rise to stardom.]

When I was 18, I moved out to Los Angeles from Kansas City and I wanted to focus on production and growing as a producer. I worked at it and stood around people I knew I could learn from. I worked with the underdogs and did stuff for other people like Chris Brown and Ciara. I did that so I could grow as a producer.

My music is really a mixture of all the places I have been. I'm a military brat so I traveled a lot. I was born in Texas, so that's where I call home. Then I did elementary school in Europe, Germany. I then went to high school in Kansas City. Afterward, I moved out to Los Angeles. All of those places have influenced my music.

I noticed when I moved to Los Angeles, a lot of people were really intrigued because of my manners. That actually helped out a lot. People were like, "Man, you're such a nice guy, let me introduce you to another person." So then they would introduce me to someone who would introduce me to someone else. It kept happening and I ended up in really good situations. That's what it was. It was really about me being a genuine person and people wanting to help you out.

In Los Angeles, I ended up hanging out with Frank Ocean, Miguel and Dom Kennedy. We all were on the same type of mission which was the music thing. I've known Frank since I moved to Los Angeles. That's like my brother. Miguel's like my brother. We're all so close and I feel they're a real group of guys.

I think it's ironic that we all have our own path. I think everybody's going to have huge success because we're all really focused. I've been working with Dom lately and we're putting music together.

Troy NoKA is known for his production on Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Ultra mixtape as well as Chris Brown's "I Should Have Kissed You." His musical style is often compared to artists such as Drake and Kanye West thanks to his appeal to the female audiences, lyrical style and melodic flow.

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