Singled Out: "How Else Can You Get A Bunch Of Opposing Things In Life -- Waka [Flocka], Cowboys, Segue!"

Tuesday, Jun 19, 2012 6:00PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for The Cataracs

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After singer Teedra Moses broke down her "We Fly" record, West Coast hip-pop duo The Cataracs break down their new Waka Flocka-assisted single, "All You."]

We knew we wanted to get a feature on the record. Waka Flocka was just somebody we would listen to when we were going out or drinking....(Niles).

We just reached out, and we were like this is crazy! He probably won't do it, but let's see what he says. Then his mom, [Deb Antney, who's] like his manager, really loved it. Although Waka doesn't really do songs like that, which I guess are like house/hip-hop...he just made an exception and he really liked it... We've been wanting him to get on a song for two years, and we never could. We're just The Cataracs, you know? As time goes by, we put in work and we did have this song where we were super excited about. We had "All You" and we knew we needed something. It was like an undying want for him to take on the record and then he just did it. And then, bam. We had it! We did it! We got a record with Waka! (David).

He told us he was going to be in L.A. and we had permission to come through, and look at him while he [recorded his verse]. He ended up recording at four in the morning, [and] we had gone to sleep already...We made up for the lost time at the video shoot where we met him. We all just clicked really hard (Niles).

I always wanted to make movies, and it finally hit me that just 'cause you're in the music industry [that] doesn't mean you can't have full control of your video. They're giving you money to make a video with music to it, and it is like a film. You can take full advantage of it. So this time around, me and Niles, we knew we wanted to go all the way with it and not just be thrown on the video set. We thought of all these crazy ideas. We wanted it to be an adventure. And yeah, we wrote it up and sent it to the director (David).

I really don't know what purpose [Pioneer Town] serves, [the set location], other than just being really random and creepy, and in the middle of the desert. But families were there showing their kids, and it's like a mock of old an western strip. It was really cool (Niles).

[When it came to the segue], we were all just sitting around after discussing the treatment before shooting the video, and we knew we wanted one last completely random aspect to it. How else can you get a bunch of opposing things in life--Waka, desert, cowboys, segue (David)!

Berkley's producer duo, The Cataracs, have gone from track mixers to track makers as they've collaborated with international artists across the board. Known for their sex-crazed voice over introducing their famous tracks, marked, "It's...The Cataracs," the West Coast hip-pop team has now linked up with Waka Flocka for their latest single, "All You."

Check out "All You" below:

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