5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Hot Shots Part Deux: "He's An Off-The-Wall Character...Down To The Core, [and] A Lyrical Enigma To Be Honest."

Wednesday, Jun 13, 2012 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Dana Coppafeel

[New York and Midwest hip-hop have met their match with VH1's 2008 reality series, From G's To Gents. Action Bronson and Dana Coppafeel recently teamed up with Mr. Bag of Skittles himself, better known as Riff Raff, to put together a dope track with hot lyrics to match. But don't believe it just because we told you. Check out Dana Coppafeel's five reasons to buy "Hot Shots Part Deux," then listen for yourself.]

1. Action Bronson

Right now he's killing everything, and he's serving up nothing but those marvelous morsels on the track. Action Bronson is definitely a reason you should check this out, especially for hooking up with a Midwest artist.

2. Riff Raff

That's self-explanatory right there. Riff Raff just signed a huge deal with Diplo, [and] he has a crazy following from being signed to Soulja Boy's label a few years ago--he recently dropped that. He's an off-the-wall character, you know. He's just a character down to the core; a lyrical enigma to be honest.

3. The Production

The beat has a Southern twang to it with the drums and the running high hats, [and] it has a laid back, chopped up sample with an East Coast feel to it. So it kinda has the perfect mesh for Action and for Riff.

4. Community Giveback

I'm trying to get off welfare, so you should help me help you. I'm just trying to get my family off welfare, and stop eating government cheese and having powered milkshakes. We're tired of that.

5. Oprah

If we sell enough copies [of the single], me, Action and Riff will [hopefully ] get a reality show on the Oprah channel. I'm just saying that to be crazy. Could you imaging us being on the Oprah network?

You Decide. Will you purchase this cross-regional track?

To purchase "Hot Shots Part Deux," just click here.

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