Underrated: "He's Reaching Another Level Right Now"

Tuesday, Jun 26, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH For J-Doe & Reek Da Villian

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After The Bangerz's Cutso crowned AZ SOHH Underrated, J-Doe and Reek Da Villian of the rap coalition The Conglomerate both share their SOHH Underrated picks.]


J-Doe: My most underrated rapper right now ... I would say Royce Da 5'9.

He's getting recognition, and he's reaching another level right now. He's a guy I would compare to like a Big L or a Fabolous. Just a really lyrical guy.

He's been around for a while, but I didn't really get into him until The Bar Exam 2. I started listening to his stuff around that time and since then, lyrically, I been a fan.

I'm a Slaughterhouse fan, too. I been up on all the guys but Crooked I, but I listen to his stuff, too.

Reek Da Villian: My most underrated is Smooth B, from Nice & Smooth.

I just always liked Smooth. You hear guys have conversations about rap, and guys who were lyrical, and I never here anybody talk about him. To me, it's like from the Nice and Smooth albums and the collaborations, he was just amazing. He never got the kind of talk he shoulda got. His wordplay was crazy.

I been into rap since I was three or four years old. I'm the type of person that always liked old music, even right now, the type of hip hop I listen to are old school rappers. Back in the day, I came across one of my cousins Nice and Smooth tapes, and dude was nice but nobody ever talks about him. Him and Grand Puba, too ... those guys were just really talented they just never get talked about in the same ranks as the Slick Ricks, Kool G. Raps, or a guy like Big Daddy Kane.

J-Doe: I wanna say honorable mention to Fat Joe. He coulda been on my Most Slept-On list. You gotta understand that he's been doing it for a while and still is: He got that big single this summer with the Chris Brown joint. It's crazy that Fat Joe isn't spoken on in alotta these hip hop conversations. Honorable mention goes to Fat Joe.

J-Doe and Reek Da Villian are part of the Busta Rhymes' rap crew known as The Conglomerate. J-Doe is an established songwriter who has worked with numerous artists and Reek Da Villian is set to release a video for his latest record soon. Both appear alongside Busta on the track "King Tut," from Busta's upcoming album, due in stores later this year.

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