Underrated: "He's Phenomenal, A Genius & It's Because Of His Wordplay"

Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Kenny Kingpin

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After rapper Reek Da Villian named Smooth B. earlier this week, rap veteran Kenny Kingpin crowns Pusha T SOHH Underrated.]


One of the most underrated artists who I like right now is Don Trip. I think he's one of the hottest artists coming out of Memphis. Another guy who has been around and who I feel is very underrated with people stealing his slang and not paying homage is E-40. E-40 is definitely one of the most underrated artists.

Those are just a few. There's a lot of other artists I like too. I like Future coming out of Atlanta. He's a new artist making a buzz but he's been around for a little while. Kendrick Lamar is just now coming around. I've listened to him for years. Pusha T is definitely an underrated artist. I think he should get a lot more attention. He's phenomenal, he's a genius and it's because of his wordplay.

Pusha T has a lot of things coming around for him and hopefully things stay in that breath because I think he has a lot to offer. I've got to salute that brother.

His wordplay is hard. The way he goes into his words, he's not just writing things down. You can tell he's actually thinking about what he's saying. He has all of the qualities that come with being a good emcee. He falls into that criteria. I think he speaks well through his music.

This time around the sun will rise on the west coast with the arrival of the South Central, Los Angeles rhyme boss, Kenny Kingpin. Verbal documentaries, detailed storytelling with a swift ability to paint mental pictures via his articulate and seamless vocabulary; the newest rider introduces yet another layer from the left coast with a style he so eloquently calls his very own. He is most known for his association with Rap-A-Lot Records in the 1990's.

Check out Pusha T's music below:

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