5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Ecko Who's Your Daddy Tees: "It's Crucial To Make Sure Your Baby Stays 'Stuntin' Like His Daddy'"

Thursday, Jun 14, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Alex Lee

[With Father's Day this weekend, Ecko Digital Team head Alex Lee gives 5 Reasons SOHH readers should consider buying an Ecko Toddler Tee for those young pops.]

1. Like Father, Like Son (Or Daughter)

You can't bring your kid around on Father's Day with all the other little heathens if he's not looking fly. I mean, it's your kid and he can't dress himself. He depends on you to make him look good! 'Like father, like son,' 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree,' you know, the list goes on. Basically, these tees will say what your baby would say...if he understood hip-hop culture and basic pronunciation.

2. Like A Boss

I mean, your kid is kind of a little boss right? If that's the case then he should be able to say it, or at least wear it. That's kind of the idea behind the whole Ecko toddler line. I know if my kid could say what he wanted it would very likely read something like one of these shirts. It's kind of like subtitles for what your baby is really trying to say.

3. Crawl & Ball So Hard

Whoever said you gotta crawl before you can ball was wrong. I've met a few babies who were certified ballers. You gotta keep your kid looking right for pre-school, the playground, playdates, all that jazz. Babies like to flaunt too. "Strollin for Shorties" is the perfect tee for the kid who can only crawl, but is still ballin.

4. Baby Face

It's crucial to make sure your baby stays "stuntin' like his daddy." These Ecko toddler tees give you options of exactly how to state your baby's baller status. When your youngin' is drooling on himself and giggling, people should know the choas he/she is capable of as well. It lets them know your "little cupcake" is also a little bada**. Real talk.

5. The Wonder Fresh Years

Don't you wish your parents had you in one of these tees as a kid? It's the worst when your parents show off that picture of you in red firetruck overalls or your favorite pair of Thundercat underoos. Your child will not only spare that humiliation by having worn these shirts, but will also actually be proud. In that sense, you're investing in your child's future by grabbing him one of these fine garments from the line of Ecko Toddler Tees.

You Decide. Will you purchase an Ecko Toddler Tee?

To get your hands on some, just click here.

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