Pulse Report: Nicki Minaj Trades Punches W/ Hot 97, Gwyneth Paltrow Unloads N-Bombs, Music Moguls Can't Escape Real Steel

Friday, Jun 8, 2012 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we take a quick look at Nicki Minaj's war with Hot 97, try to comprehend the fuss behind Gwyneth Paltrow's N-Bomb, shake out heads at the penal system and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Who Run It?

In 2012, who would have thought Nicki Minaj's biggest hater would be anybody other than Lil' Kim? LOL. In fact, it was a bald-headed Jewish radio doggy from Hot 97 that caused the entire Young Money team to snub Summer Jam? Are you KIDDING me? SMH. I've heard and seen some bad publicity stunts but what transpired over the past seven days has to be the worst. For doggies that need to get caught back up, let's see what exactly popped off last Sunday:

Hmmmm..what happened in those few short hours to make Wayne pull the plug? Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg made a comment that Young Money wasn't too fond of while on air during the pre-show to the effect of, "Shout out to all my real hip-hop heads and none of these Starship artists" So, how does this affect the show? Out of the entire YMCMB crew only Nicki Minaj and Tyga were confirmed to perform (although Nicki inevitably would have brought the whole family out with her.) Tyga has already taken the stage and performed his set, but he will be the last of the Young Money crew who makes an appearance. (Global Grind)

^ Ouch? Not really. When you think of all the disses that's gone down at Hot 97's Summer Jam, from Jay-Z going at Prodigy or 5-0 Cent and G-Unit dissing, uh, EVERYBODY, that's really not that bad. To make matters worse, it was at the pre-show. SMH. But in an instant, Lil Wayne "banned" Young Money from performing at Nicki Minaj stood by his decision.

"Not blak but on blak radio dissin blak women > RT @JAE_MILLZ Radio personality with NO personality... f*ck n*gga!!! & u ain't even black...," she tweeted.
"I go above and beyond for my fans. But won't ever go against wayne's word. What he says, goes."
"I'd like to thank the staff @ philly & boston summer jams for treating their guests w/respect! Had a blast." (Nicki Minaj's Twitter)

After Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex promised to end her career later in the night, he later gave Minaj a chance to explain her decision in an hour-and-a-half interview that kinda, sorta, didn't serve any real purpose.

"Flex. I need you to breathe. You're not even listening and I need you to simma. For three hours, we emailed [Hot 97 manager Ebro Darden], and actually, my manager was the first person to tell me: Yo, you're not going on that stage," she revealed. "[Lil] Wayne was the second person. For three hours, we could not get a resolution. [CEO of Hip Hop Since 1978] G. Roberson emailed me, and said: Hey, I need you on the phone. Ebro said 'Let me get to the bottom of this.' You know I love Ebro. After he sent that e-mail, we never heard back. ... Flex...I'm not even going to say what could've happened yesterday, and please don't interrupt. Relax. Relax. This is the real reason why I called you. You said something about my record sales." ("Funkmaster Flex Show")

This would only be the beginning of doggies having to put in their two cents. Nicki Minaj calling Power 105.1? Check. Nas and Lauryn Hill giving their take? Check. Peter Rosenberg defending himself? Check. Lauryn Hill blasting Hot 97? Check. Angie Martinez defending Hot 97? Check. I mean, even Kendrick Lamar got dragged into this! WTF?

Lightly touching on the matter earlier today (June 6) during his appearance on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club morning show, K. Dot mentioned not being aware of the issue before he hit the stage. "Man, I was backstage I didn't even know that, that was going on onstage," he replied about the incident. "I would be hot, she got all the right reasons to be [upset] and do all that she did." When asked if he would still perform if in that scenario, the former XXL Freshman answered, "I'd still perform though." (XXL Mag)

Bottom line is Hot 97 and Young Money were both in the wrong. If y'all want to know the truth though? I think Weezy was still hurt over that Oklahoma Thunder game diss. LOL. Guess there's always Power 105.1, right? SMH.

2. Moment of Clarity

So the "other" big story this week was the chick who played the hottie in Shallow Hal catching heat over dropping the N-Bomb. SMH. Really, doggies, are we bugging out over Gwyneth Paltrow's Twitter feed reading "Ni**as In Paris for real,"? Seriously? For the doggies out there still confused over what I'm referring to, peep SOHH's quick recap of what went down over the past seven days:

beyonce-gwyneth-paltrow-2012-02-28-300x300.jpgGwyneth Paltrow & NWA

Rap stars Jay-Z and Kanye West put on an action-packed Watch the Throne concert in Paris, France Friday (June 1) night.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have had plenty of celebrity-filled crowds during the U.S. stops on their Watch the Throne tour, but for international shows The Throne are kicking things up a notch. They touched down in Paris Friday night, performing while Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Rowland, Justin Bieber and Spike Lee looked on, and "N---as in Paris" producer Hit-Boy crowd surfed and became the second guest to ever join them on stage. Beyonce was absent from The Throne's London shows (while she was prepping for her four blowout performances at Revel in Atlantic City, we assume) but she made it to Paris where she hung with her girls Gwyneth and Kelly, cheering her husband on. (RapFix)

After getting invited on-stage alongside Jay and Yeezy, a photo of Paltrow plus the controversial tweet surfaced on her Twitter page.

"Ni**as in paris for real @mrteriusnash (the dream) tyty, beehigh http://say.ly/ySc3rTP," a tweet read. (Gwyneth Paltrow's Twitter)

The next day, The-Dream came forward and took the blame for posting the N-Word on her Twitter page.

"@Jenny_Tonic Fyi Sorry for the Confu I typed Ni**as in paris for real from Gwens Phone my bad I was Fkd up please excuse it! We were lit!," he tweeted June 2nd.

"@honeysweetlife blame Me! F*ck off. Find a actual Fight that can move us forward. Don't target someone u know want hurt a fly! Bully!" (The-Dream's Twitter)

A couple days later, the Hollywood star addressed her buzzing tweet.

"Hold up. It's the title of the song! RT@lovebscott Okay or Not? @GwynethPaltrow Tweets The N-Word: http://www.buzzlov3.com/okay-or-not-gwyneth-paltrow-tweets-the-n-word/ http://say.ly/IIs3rY4," she tweeted June 3rd. (Gwyneth Paltrow's Twitter)

In light of the heated online debates, Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons came to Paltrow's defense Wednesday (June 6).

"There is something truly inspiring about black culture and black music, hip-hop culture and hip-hop music," he wrote in a blog post. "No matter what color skin you might have, there is an overriding good effect that this music has on you. It is contagious. It was this explosive expression that spread out of the inner cities of America into the walkmans of kids like Gwyneth Paltrow during their childhoods in 1980s and 1990s. It allowed white kids to begin to sympathize with the plight of many in black America. And these kids have overwhelmingly become progressive in their politics and their social concerns. Having any Hollywood starlet at your concert was unimaginable, and having her quote your lyrics as a badge of honor that she was hanging out with you, you never would have dreamed of that - until your poetry hit the market and changed the world. So, for Gwyneth to tweet out her excitement about hip-hop taking over the planet is a good thing. She didn't mean any harm, she just was trying to ball so hard, and like Jay-Z says, "motherf*ckers can't fine" her." (Global Grind)

Fellow rap pioneer Q-Tip publicly shared a significantly different view than Simmons.

"listen rush simmons, toure, and all Black folk who are sympathist to this gwen paltrow n*gga thing....," he tweeted June 6th.

"she may not have meant harm, sure it was in the heat of the moment but that fact that she showed not 1 IOTA of an apologetic tone...." (Q-Tip's Twitter)

^ Sorry, doggies, but I have to side with Uncle Rush on this one. When you consider the context and the fact The-Dream took the blame for tweeting it, what's the big deal? For one, there was no derogatory tone in what she allegedly tweeted and oh yeah, it was DURING THE PERFORMANCE OF "N*GGAS IN PARIS." SMH. I actually gotta applaud G.P. for keeping those tweets up there and not deleting them like your average celebrity would. Even better, she asked doggies what the big deal was since it's the name of the record.

At the end of the day, it's a term I've never embraced but a word doggies have always been exposed to. The fact all of this hype has gone to the extreme it has is really a joke. If you even think about trying to compare this situation to Kreayshawn/V-Nasty talking about the N-Bomb last year, STOP IT. There's honestly no way you could really try to make an argument in that regard. Now like I've alluded to, there's no way I am condoning or saying doggies should just use it, but given the context, scenario or plain ol' fact that she was on stage during the actual performance of "N*ggas In Paris," I just don't get it.

3. Doggy of the Week: Jail

LOL. Yup, you guessed it right, doggies. While Nicki Minaj kept the Internet sizzling hot and Gwyneth Paltrow's N-Bomb had doggies all bothered, it was the penal system that ultimately kept things buzzing for the past seven days. How crazy was this past week? We got the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records going to jail, Game's ex-manager facing life, George Zimmerman getting thrown right back in, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. going into protective custody and Max B ready to get out. SMH. One way or another, doggies got exposed to some steel bars talk and we're not talking Boot Camp Clik, either. LOL. Throw on the "Oz" music, doggies, b/c jail was the topic this week!

1. It's The Jail-A-Doggy

jail-cell-2012-06-03-300x300.jpgKareem Biggs

AN EX-PAL of rapper Jay-Z was sentenced Monday to five years in prison for conspiring to distribute more than 100 kilos of marijuana. Kareem (Biggs) Burke, 38, was snared in a federal drug sting called "Operation Green Venom," which targeted a trafficking ring that controlled most of the wholesale pot market in the city. More than 50 people were arrested. Burke told Manhattan Federal Court Judge Loretta Swain that she would never see him again in court. "Nothing personal, but I'm going to keep you to that promise," Swain said. Burke co-founded Roc-A-Fella Records with Jay-Z and Damon Dash in the 1990s. The trio parted ways in 2004. (New York Daily News)

^ I can't help but feel sorry for Kareem "Biggs" Burke. At the end of the day, did we ever get a chance to hear him talk? After all the money, the cars, the clothes, doggy finds himself in his 40's and getting ready to do real jail time. That's tough.

2. Game Over For A Doggy

jail-cell-2012-06-03-300x300.jpgJimmy Henchman

The trial of music industry mogul James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond came to a close today in a Brooklyn federal court. A jury found Rosemond guilty of all 13 charges levied against him, for allegedly heading up the "Rosemond Organization." Federal prosecutors claim the organization shipped hundreds of kilograms on a weekly basis from the West Coast, using various overnight courier services. Rosemond was emotionless when the jurors reached their verdict, while his family friends and supporters showed obvious signs of disappointment. (AHH)

^ I still remember when Jimmy Henchman was a big name back at the start of Game's career. Doggy really had that whole gangster image behind him, but when I read that he ran from the cops when he was on the run last year? SMH. It was a wrap. Now he's facing life? SMH. Game over.

3. Shame On A Doggy


George Zimmerman was ordered back to jail on Friday for misleading the court at his bond hearing about his finances. Seminole County Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester revoked the bail for Zimmerman -- who is facing a second-degree murder charge in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin of Miami Gardens -- after finding that Zimmerman and his wife concealed their access to a $200,000 account during a bail hearing in April. (Miami Herald)

^ Ever heard the expression, "what goes around comes around," doggies? EXACTLY.

4. Raging Doggy


RumorFix has obtained a mug shot of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, as well as images of where he will be spending the next 90-days of his life. Mayweather was booked into the Clark County Detention Center on Friday morning at approximately 11:00 a.m. He will spend time three months behind bars for a 2011 domestic violence conviction. According to a spokesmen with the jail, Mayweather has been placed in protective custody, which means he will be kept from the general inmate population. He will remain in his cell while other inmates of the housing unit are on free-time. When other inmates are on lock down, Mayweather will come out for his free time - which is limited to one hour per day. His cell is 7? x 14? or 6? x 10? and consists of a bed, toilet, sink and small desk. There is a window to allow direct sun light into the room. (RumorFix)

^ This is really on some messed up stuff. I don't condone domestic violence, but I still don't understand how Mayweather is doing time behind bars. But eh, whatcha gonna do? Even though the bid is going to go by in no time, seeing the champ behind bars is going to keep a lot of strippers out of summer school

5. My Dog's So Wavy

jail-cell-2012-06-03-300x300.jpgMax B

"I'm about to touch down real soon," Max B said in an interview with DJ Statik Selektah. "I come home, I'm on my contract situation, so yeah, there's definitely going to be a Max Biggavel album. I'm gonna give ya'll a couple Max Biggavel albums. I'm always going to be me and be in my own box, my own category. I'm second to none, I'm one of a kind. When I hit the town, I just can't wait to get back into the studio. Ya'll are gonna be thrilled. I'm trying to set my business straight, handle everything," he continued, "get all my stuff in order because my shit was all over the place." (ShowOff Radio)

^ I can't front, I miss saying "WAVVVVYYYYY." Come home soon Max!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Sincerely Isyss

I think I'm going to get married to a video vixen, doggies. I've made up my mind. I can't see myself with a "regular" chick anymore. I've had too many women that just want to stay in all night, do those corny picnics at Central Park and even, get this, have family game night at their parents' crib. SMH. I'm still a fairly young doggy, doggies and if the world comes to an end this December, I want to go out with a bang. Pun intended. Why just date a video vixen? All the rap doggies are hooking up and if Jay Electronica can break-up a billionaire marriage, then there's no reason why Bulldog Butters can't take Blac Chyna from Tyga, Amber Rose from Wiz Khalifa or Sincerely Isyss from whatever rap doggy (if any) she may be with. I can only imagine what our honeymoon photos would look like. Hmmm.......




Can y'all imagine the types of dancing she would do for her new hubby too? I can only imagine....

5. Doggies Say The Darndest Things

Who would have thought the summer would get this hot, doggies, and it's not even summer yet! LOL. Just a few weeks from the second season of the year and it's already getting crazy. When you have Mrs. Kanye West opening her mouth on ANYTHING, you know it's going to get featured in here. When you have GZA saying he's not going to show support in the upcoming ODB flick, you know he's got to get put on blast. When Queen Latifah denies something we've all known forever, you know it's gonna be in here. Even worse, when Lauryn Hill thinks she can release a statement backing up Nicki Minaj when she's barely been relevant and in the spotlight for the past 15 years? Yup, you guessed it. But no doggy could do any worse than the entire Kardashian family bringing shame to the late Notorious B.I.G. legacy. If y'all are still confused, you've entered the infamous "Doggies Say The Darndest Things" section!

1. Mrs. Kanye West

Kanye WestHandcuffs

A 28-year-old Linda Resa, who legally changed her name to Mrs. Kanye West last year, sparked a true "what the f*ck?" moment in a Manhattan Criminal Court today (May 31) because of her name alone. Mrs. West was in court to cop a plea for throwing an amp through the window of an Office Depot in Times Square this past September. West, who shuttles back and forth between New York and Chicago, performing songs by the real Kanye and Beyoncé, admitted "I have an anger problem a little bit." As for why she didn't adopt Bey's name, she replied, "I don't want to sleep with Beyonce."

2. GZA


UPDATE: GZA's representative writes, "Spoke to GZA today. I will tell you 100% he is not appearing in the ODB / Jarred Weisfeld movie. I can't speak for the rest of the group, but definitely not true about GZA."

3. Queen Latifah

"That definitely wasn't the case," she tells EW. "I've never dealt with the question of my personal life in public. It's just not gonna happen." That said, the 42-year old was thrilled to participate in the event and even recalled an earlier performance for gay audiences. "To me, doing a gay pride show is one of the most fun things," she says. "My first show that paid more than $10,000 was in a gay club on New Year's Eve in San Francisco. Tupac happened to be in town, so he came to kick it with me. This was the early '90s. And the boys were like, 'Take your shirt off, Tupac!' He wasn't doing that. But we had a blast in there." Latifah -- who's starring in an upcoming remake of Steel Magnolias for Lifetime -- also reiterated her support for her gay fans. "I know that the most important thing and the only thing I have to give is love. When people are going through hatred and bullying, the biggest thing to fight that is love," she says. "So that's all I encouraged my audience to do that night: to share their light and share their love. Period."

4. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn HillNicki Minaj

"No disrespect to Nicki, but I need to clear up an inaccuracy. I was not scheduled to be a special guest on her set at Summer Jam, I was invited by Nas to perform with him. I don't have details on exactly what transpired between the station and the artists, but I do support artists standing by their beliefs, and walking with integrity," she wrote June 4th. "We have to find a better way to commercially exploit music, while giving artists their proper respect. This cannot be done while taking their contributions for granted, or trying to control the scope of their growth and power through threats and fear tactics. We can do better than this, there is a better way, or else 'we' (the proverbial we) find ourselves in danger of being hypocrites!!!"

5. The Kardashians

"heres our latest family music video to Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.!!! we might get some hate but who cares, we had fun doing it! hope you guys don't take this too seriously! love you allllllll!!!! ENJOY" Kendall and Kylie wrote on their YouTube description of the video. Sadly, the Kardashian/Jenner family has a history of awful karaoke videos.

***Subway Series! I don't know about the rest of y'all, but around this time of the season out here in New York, it's worse than Bloods/Crips. If you're not down with those Yankees, then you're down with the Mets and that's just something doggies in the Bronx can't respect. LOL. Be careful with those snapbacks this weekend if y'all are in the Big Apple, nothing worse than being a Yankee after they've DEMOLISHED the Mets while catching the train into Queens. LOL. Vice versa for Mets fans heading into the BX. But all of that to the side, enjoy the weekend y'all! Peep y'all on Tuesday!***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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