Exclusive: Big K.R.I.T. Envisions Star-Studded Hip-Hop Threesome

Friday, Jun 22, 2012 12:01PM

Written by Amber McKynzie & Cyrus Langhorne

With his new Live from the Underground album finally on stores shelves, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. recently sat down with SOHH to discuss possible high-profile joint projects later down the road.

In an ideal world, K.R.I.T. could see himself dropping three collaborative projects alongside G.O.O.D. Music's Big Sean, Yelawolf and Bun B.

"It's crazy. I'm definitely going to do a [project] with two people. It's three people I say [I want to do something with]. Me and Big Sean definitely will have a project because we're already a group, technically. His album is dropping first. He's going to drop a project and then we're going to start working on a group project. Of course, Yelawolf. He's my country cousin. Me and him going to do a project together. And then I would definitely [want] do a project with Bun B." (SOHH)

In March, K.R.I.T. spoke on his relationship with Yela and a potential joint mix tape.

"I definitely knew Yela before the [XXL] Freshman cover. I had the opportunity to meet him at Tree Sound [Studios] in Atlanta, and he's a down to Earth person, really just hungry and really just competitive about just the art of music." K.R.I.T explained. "It was just dope to really get to work with him. The first day I met him, we ended up doing a song called 'Happy Birthday Hip Hop,' and from there he's just been my country cousin and I'm excited to see what's been going on with his grind...Lord willing we can do this tape Country Cousins eventually." (Def Sounds)

Last year, UGK's Bun B discussed the evolution of K.R.I.T. as an artist.

"K.R.I.T. is just somebody that we've been watching for a while now, where they evolve into who he's becoming, and I just had a lot of support for him in the background," Bun B told XXL. "This is one of the first opportunities we had to work together, and I think it's important when we recognize your upcoming talent like the Big K.R.I.T.s in the world." (XXL Mag)

After two weeks on store shelves, his new album has remained on the Top 50 sales chart.

Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T.'s Live from the Underground dropped 26 slots to No. 31 with 12,100. With two weeks knocked out, his new LP has sold 53,400 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Bun B co-signing Big K.R.I.T. below:

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