5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Awesome EP: "It's The Prequel To The Kid With The Green Backpack... & Anybody That Watches Star Wars You Can't Watch Return Of The Jedi Before You Watch Empire Strikes Back.

Tuesday, Jun 26, 2012 12:00PM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for XV

[After a number of mixtapes and dope album to match, XV is releasing his latest project, the Awesome EP, for fans to see just how real the Wichita, Kansas movement is. The name of the EP might be awesome, but check out XV's top five reasons to buy the latest mix in his movement.]

1. Simply Awesome

Because it's awesome of course. I'm just an awesome individual because I'm myself, and myself is pretty awesome. So with me on it, it just makes it the Awesome EP.

2. All About The Movement

This EP is only further proof of this EP we've created, and that I've created, is real. And we're about to let the world know that. Pusha T is featured on the Awesome EP and the "Awesome" single, my collaborator and producer, Seven, produced about three records on there, and other than that, it's just me being awesome all through out.

3. Top-Down Music

It's great summer riding music. From awesome to swerving to the most, it's just straight, top-down summer music. Maybe not top-down in New York because [it's been] 70 degrees up there, but it's [nice] enough to ride to.

4. For The People

[You should also get it] because I just put out a full mixtape of brand new, free music. So just realize I gave you free music, and it furthers the proof that this movement is real.

5. All About The Jedi

It's the prequel to The Kid With The Green Backpack, and you just have to get it. You can't watch Jedi before you watch Empire, and anybody that watches Star Wars knows that--you can't watch Return of the Jedi before you watch Empire Strikes Back, it just can't happen. So you have to go get the Awesome EP.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new the Awesome EP?

To purchase Kansas the native's latest album, just click here.

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